Honestly, I would have never assumed as a fan that I would have to write an article about why I don't have any respect nor liking to a member of Harry Styles' band anymore.

Having been a fan of Harry's for nine years, I wouldn't have ever believed he would choose and hand-pick women that would go against exactly what he preaches, that we are the "future doctors, lawyers, mothers, presidents." I wouldn't have assumed that a woman we all looked up to, would prove to be betraying the fans that have proclaimed how safe they feel in their presence.

Harry wouldn't do that, and we all know it, which why it hurts to know that he had the wrong impression as well.

On October 26th, Clare Uchima got into an argument with dozens of young fans on Twitter about her tweet supporting a friend that had been accused of rape and assault. She had done this once before, but because of Harry Styles' tour, it was forgotten soon after. She began arguing with fans, claiming that because a girl is seventeen, she is too young to experience life lessons that would teach about believing a lie told by others than the truth so spoken by the person or their friends. She sparked an uproar, so many fans sharing their stories and their experiences that caused them to grow up much too soon. She has disappointed all of us and has lost our respect.

Clare Uchima,

While you have not been mindful, your words have wronged so many young girls and boys (not young how you have so blatantly judged, young as in younger than YOU). What you have said has hurt many, and triggered many into reliving trauma that they have already tried and worked so tirelessly to overcome. What you have said has hurt many, you have invalidated so many experiences because you believed that at 17 you haven't had enough "life lessons."

Clare, you have no idea how many young women learned the hardest of lessons even younger than 17. You have no idea how many young girls and boys were forced to grow up before their teenage years because of abuse and assault. You have no idea how hard it has been for their stories to be shared, yet, you're sitting and calling those exact same girls and boys liars?

How could you preach "treat people with kindness," if you're not doing the same?

So many heartbreaking stories have been written and read over the last two weeks. So many from fans and friends that have been courageous enough to share their stories - stories that have changed their entire life and stripped away and innocence and childhood or adolescence they deserved to have.

Who are you to declare that their experiences are invalid?

Clare, I hope you know and learn something here. Each story from every fan and friend and stranger is valid and real. Judgments you have made are wrong and unwarranted. Their stories are valid. Their stories are real.

Fans, friends, strangers,

You are valid. Always.