Better Late Than Never: My First and Last HIM Concert

Better Late Than Never: My First and Last HIM Concert

With an inviting opening from CKY and amazing seats, my only experience watching HIM was riveting.

(Note: HIM are still currently on their farewell tour with CKY and 3Teeth. If you haven’t seen them yet, see them NOW.)

I remember this summer feeling mournful when Blabbermouth announced HIM’s farewell tour.  To tell the truth, HIM was one of those bands where I always held off on deeply listening to until I really needed to.  This farewell tour was God’s way of saying, “Hey, maybe now’s the time to listen to this band.”

In case you don’t know, HIM, an acronym for His Infernal Majesty, is a Finnish rock band who have been performing for over twenty years.  Their music is performed with many Gothic elements and subject matter such as death, romance...and both!  You may remember them by their MTV staple “Wings of a Butterfly” or hit single “All Lips Go Blue.” “Dark Light” was their most commercially successful album, but if you ask me and my boyfriend, nothing could compare to the raw and sinister feelings you get hearing “Razorblade Romance.”

Oh, and the lead singer Ville Valo is a close friend of Bam Margera! 

HIM decided to perform at the House of Blues in Houston, which was a perfect location to say goodbye to an iconic band.  3Teeth and CKY are HIM’s openers on this tour.  3Teeth are an up and coming industrial band with only one (hard-hitting and amazing!) album, and CKY, or Camp Kill Yourself, are a relatively known and modern day alternative rock band with that one song everyone knows but can’t name. (“96 Quite Bitter Beings!”  Spotify it and you’ll know!)

Oh, and CKY’s drummer is Bam Margera’s brother! (No, Bam was not there, but I hope he’s doing well!)

 Unfortunately, due to terrible HWY 290 traffic, we had to miss 3Teeth’s opening performance.  From what I heard in their debut album, I was extremely disappointed that I missed them!  I’m hopeful I can catch those guys on their own tour.  Sorry, 3Teeth!

My boyfriend and I got lucky finding the perfect parking garage, handing over our tickets, and finding our seats in time to watch CKY! HIM couldn’t have picked a better opener!

Their performance was super engaging with the audience, and you could absolutely tell they loved being there.  They performed everyone’s favorite, took many photos of the audience, and gave out a few gifts to the crowd as well!

The icing on top of CKY’s performance was when they quoted this Facebook post referencing “96 Quite Bitter Beings.”  You gotta love a band who can laugh at themselves!

After CKY’s performance, my boyfriend and I quickly headed over to their merch booth and grab a snack. I don’t know what it was, but the Houston House of Blues has great nachos! Plus, $40 for two shirts and a new CD? Thanks, CKY!

Finally, when the clock struck 9:00 PM, the lights turned dark and HIM arrived, opening up with “Buried Alive by Love.”

Their whole performance was cloaked with dark purple lights, making it almost impossible to get good cell phone pics.  Thank you, Ville Valo!

Even though I didn’t immerse myself into HIM’s music like my boyfriend did, I absolutely wanted to after the concert.  HIM’s last performance surely didn’t feel forced.  His voice was still as captivating as it would be on record, and all the gothic women surrounding me in the audience were eating it up.  I never saw such sultry dancing during “Wings of a Butterfly,” and I didn’t even know you could dance to a song like that! There was so much gothic sexual tension in the bar with a couple making out on my left and a man stroking his girlfriend right in front of me.  Ville Valo sure has a way hypnotizing the audience.

I do want to apologize to my dear boyfriend because I was asking so many questions.

”Honey, what’s this song called?” 

“‘Join Me In Death.’  It’s about necrophilia.”

“Honey, what about this one?” 

“‘Gone With the Sin.’ Also about necrophilia.”

(I looked more into the lyrics. He may be right.)

After performing three encores, which included a cover of “Rebel Yell,” HIM said their goodbyes and broke the hearts of every soul in that room.  My boyfriend was in tears and I reassured him that as long as we had their music, HIM would never really be dead.  

Even though it would be the only time I would ever see HIM live, I was okay, and my music library grew three albums that day!

R.I.P to the almighty HIM.  And to CKY, we’ll catch you again in March!

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35 Major Life Facts According To Nick Miller

"All booze is good booze, unless it's weak booze."

Fact: If you watch "New Girl," you love Nick Miller.

You can't help it. He's an adorable, lovable mess of a man and you look forward to seeing him and his shenanigans each week. While living the infamous and incomparable life of Nick Miller, and obviously Julius Pepperwood— he has learned many valuable laws of the land. And, although Nick refuses to learn anything from anyone besides his mysterious, old Asian friend Tran, he does have a few lessons he'd like to teach us.

Here are 35 facts of life according to 'Nick Milla Nick Milla':

1. Drinking keeps you healthy.

"I'm not gonna get sick. No germ can live in a body that is 65% beer."

2. Dinosaurs never existed.

"I don't believe dinosaurs existed. I've seen the science. I don't believe it."

3. A paper bag is a bank.

"A bank is just a paper bag but with fancier walls."

4. Having sex is similar to delivering mail.

"I'm like a mailman, except instead of mail it's hot sex that I deliver."

5. Moonwalking is a foolproof way to get out of any awkward situation.

Jess (about Nick): "Now he won't even talk to me. I saw him this morning and he just panic moonwalked away from me. He does that sometimes."

6. Using a movie reference is also a great way.

Cece: "Come on, get up!"

Nick: "No, I don't dance. I'm from that town in "Footloose."

7. There's no reason to wash towels.

Nick: "I don’t wash the towel. The towel washes me. Who washes a towel?"

Schmidt: "You never wash your towel?"

Nick: "What am I gonna do? Wash the shower next? Wash a bar of soap?"

8. Exes are meant to be avoided at all costs (especially if/unless they're Caroline)

"I don't deal with exes, they're part of the past. You burn them swiftly and you give their ashes to Poseidon."

9. IKEA furniture is not as intimidating as it looks.

"I'm building you the dresser. I love this stuff. It's like high-stakes LEGOs."

10. You don't need forks if you have hands.

Jess: "That's gross. Get a fork, man."

Nick: "I got two perfectly good forks at the end of my arms!"

11. Sex has a very specific definition.

"It's not sex until you put the straw in the coconut."

12. Doors are frustrating.

"I will push if I want to push! Come on! I hate doors!"

13. All booze is good booze.

"Can I get an alcohol?"

14. ...unless it's weak booze.

"Schmidt, that is melon flavored liquor! That is 4-proof! That is safe to drink while you're pregnant!"

15. Writers are like pregnant women.

Jess: "You know what that sound is? It's the sound of an empty uterus."

Nick: "I can top that easily. I'm having a hard time with my zombie novel."

Jess: "Are you really comparing a zombie novel to my ability to create life?"

Nick: "I'm a writer, Jess. We create life."

16. All bets must be honored.

"There is something serious I have to tell you about the future. The name of my first-born child needs to be Reginald VelJohnson. I lost a bet to Schmidt."

17. Adele's voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus.

"Adele is amazing."

18. Beyoncé is extremely trustworthy.

"I'd trust Beyoncé with my life. We be all night."

19. Fish, on the other hand, are not.

“Absolutely not. You know I don’t trust fish! They breathe water. That's crazy!"

20. Bar mitzvahs are terrifying.

Schmidt: "It's a bar mitzvah!"

Nick: "I am NOT watching a kid get circumcised!"

21. are blueberries.

Jess: "So far, Nick Miller's list of fears is sharks, tap water, real relationships..."

Nick: "And blueberries."

22. Take your time with difficult decisions. Don't be rash.

Jess: "You care about your burritos more than my children, Nick?"

Nick: "You're putting me in a tough spot!"

23. Getting into shape is not easy.

"I mean, I’m not doing squats or anything. I’m trying to eat less donuts."

24. We aren't meant to talk about our feelings.

"If we needed to talk about feelings, they would be called talkings."

25. We're all a little bit too hard on ourselves.

"The enemy is the inner me."

26. Freezing your underwear is a good way to cool off.

"Trust me, I'm wearing frozen underpants right now and I feel amazing. I'm gonna grab some old underpants and put a pair into the freezer for each of you."

27. Public nudity is normal.

"Everbody has been flashed countless times."

28. Alcohol is a cure-all.

"You treat an outside wound with rubbing alcohol. You treat an inside wound with drinking alcohol."

29. Horses are aliens.

"I believe horses are from outer-space."

30. Turtles should actually be called 'shell-beavers.'

Jess: "He calls turtles 'shell-beavers."

Nick: "Well, that's what they should be called."

31. Trench coats are hot.

"This coat has clean lines and pockets that don't quit, and it has room for your hips. And, when I wear it, I feel hot to trot!"

32. Sparkles are too.

"Now, my final bit of advice, and don't get sensitive on this, but you've got to change that top it's terrible and you've got to throw sparkles on. Sparkles are in. SPARKLES ARE IN."

33. Introspection can lead to a deeper knowing of oneself.

"I'm not convinced I know how to read. I've just memorized a lot of words."

34. It's important to live in the moment.

"I know this isn't gonna end well but the middle part is gonna be awesome."

35. Drinking makes you cooler.

Jess: "Drinking to be cool, Nick? That's not a real thing."

Nick: "That's the only thing in the world I know to be true."

Cover Image Credit: Hollywood Reporter

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