Better Late Than Never: My First and Last HIM Concert

Better Late Than Never: My First and Last HIM Concert

With an inviting opening from CKY and amazing seats, my only experience watching HIM was riveting.

(Note: HIM are still currently on their farewell tour with CKY and 3Teeth. If you haven’t seen them yet, see them NOW.)

I remember this summer feeling mournful when Blabbermouth announced HIM’s farewell tour.  To tell the truth, HIM was one of those bands where I always held off on deeply listening to until I really needed to.  This farewell tour was God’s way of saying, “Hey, maybe now’s the time to listen to this band.”

In case you don’t know, HIM, an acronym for His Infernal Majesty, is a Finnish rock band who have been performing for over twenty years.  Their music is performed with many Gothic elements and subject matter such as death, romance...and both!  You may remember them by their MTV staple “Wings of a Butterfly” or hit single “All Lips Go Blue.” “Dark Light” was their most commercially successful album, but if you ask me and my boyfriend, nothing could compare to the raw and sinister feelings you get hearing “Razorblade Romance.”

Oh, and the lead singer Ville Valo is a close friend of Bam Margera! 

HIM decided to perform at the House of Blues in Houston, which was a perfect location to say goodbye to an iconic band.  3Teeth and CKY are HIM’s openers on this tour.  3Teeth are an up and coming industrial band with only one (hard-hitting and amazing!) album, and CKY, or Camp Kill Yourself, are a relatively known and modern day alternative rock band with that one song everyone knows but can’t name. (“96 Quite Bitter Beings!”  Spotify it and you’ll know!)

Oh, and CKY’s drummer is Bam Margera’s brother! (No, Bam was not there, but I hope he’s doing well!)

 Unfortunately, due to terrible HWY 290 traffic, we had to miss 3Teeth’s opening performance.  From what I heard in their debut album, I was extremely disappointed that I missed them!  I’m hopeful I can catch those guys on their own tour.  Sorry, 3Teeth!

My boyfriend and I got lucky finding the perfect parking garage, handing over our tickets, and finding our seats in time to watch CKY! HIM couldn’t have picked a better opener!

Their performance was super engaging with the audience, and you could absolutely tell they loved being there.  They performed everyone’s favorite, took many photos of the audience, and gave out a few gifts to the crowd as well!

The icing on top of CKY’s performance was when they quoted this Facebook post referencing “96 Quite Bitter Beings.”  You gotta love a band who can laugh at themselves!

After CKY’s performance, my boyfriend and I quickly headed over to their merch booth and grab a snack. I don’t know what it was, but the Houston House of Blues has great nachos! Plus, $40 for two shirts and a new CD? Thanks, CKY!

Finally, when the clock struck 9:00 PM, the lights turned dark and HIM arrived, opening up with “Buried Alive by Love.”

Their whole performance was cloaked with dark purple lights, making it almost impossible to get good cell phone pics.  Thank you, Ville Valo!

Even though I didn’t immerse myself into HIM’s music like my boyfriend did, I absolutely wanted to after the concert.  HIM’s last performance surely didn’t feel forced.  His voice was still as captivating as it would be on record, and all the gothic women surrounding me in the audience were eating it up.  I never saw such sultry dancing during “Wings of a Butterfly,” and I didn’t even know you could dance to a song like that! There was so much gothic sexual tension in the bar with a couple making out on my left and a man stroking his girlfriend right in front of me.  Ville Valo sure has a way hypnotizing the audience.

I do want to apologize to my dear boyfriend because I was asking so many questions.

”Honey, what’s this song called?” 

“‘Join Me In Death.’  It’s about necrophilia.”

“Honey, what about this one?” 

“‘Gone With the Sin.’ Also about necrophilia.”

(I looked more into the lyrics. He may be right.)

After performing three encores, which included a cover of “Rebel Yell,” HIM said their goodbyes and broke the hearts of every soul in that room.  My boyfriend was in tears and I reassured him that as long as we had their music, HIM would never really be dead.  

Even though it would be the only time I would ever see HIM live, I was okay, and my music library grew three albums that day!

R.I.P to the almighty HIM.  And to CKY, we’ll catch you again in March!

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Diving Into the Greatest Artist of Our Generation — Frank Ocean

Until the day of Blonde’s, it seemed as if Frank Ocean didn’t actually exist. As days became weeks and turned into long-awaited years, the anticipation for his album was over.

For the last part of 2016, everyone was drowned in the beauty of Frank Ocean’s 60 minutes released of Blonde. A product of a man who took his time to release an album jam-packed with nothing but his raw emotion and passionate yet musical talent for the art of music. A boundary-pushing music album where he left no room for error and combined his natural vocals with sophisticated lyrical contemplations.

The creation of Blonde is an album that still sounds brand new a full 365 days after its release, a rare accomplished which Frank Ocean was able to effortlessly achieved. Through his ideas, events, references to other music, and personal stories, the album captures and reveals parts of Frank Ocean’s life and his extraordinary process of songwriting.

There is a cinematic quality to that draws you in. The lyric storytelling and atmosphere it paints it nothing ever heard of before. Even without the usage of a visual aid, the album itself still is able to create its own vivid imagery. The images of childhood, lost summers, and cars.

While cars have been represented by men as status, wealthy, and especially masculinity, Frank Ocean instead uses them to articulate a sense of vulnerability and intimacy. His usage of cars is a framing device used to dive into moments of where you are driving alone. The album becomes private, self-reflecting, and personal.

As the world thinks of Frank Ocean as an enigmatic figure, almost hidden from the world because his lack of social media presence in our fame-obsessed culture, this is what defines his works from most other artists. His personal depth and restraint take you on a journey through his mind keeping you as close as to the passenger seat where you ride into his heartfelt album.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Bring The Classical Touch In Bedroom With Platform Bed

Classical Touch In Bedroom

Do you need a peaceful sleep? Are you thinking of an eye catching bedroom design? Are those important issues to you? Do you prefer to be free of backpain? If yes, this piece of the article certainly is an ultimate solution for you. After the hard working through whole the day, undoubtedly you prefer an undisturbed sleep, isn’t it? In this fact, certainly, you should have an amazing bed which can provide you great ease. So, there is no alternative of a having the platform bed for calm and peaceful sleep after losing huge energy at your workplace.

Not only that, people who have back pain always want a comfortable bed. So the platform bed is a great thing from that point of view. A perfect bed needs to be firm enough for supporting the human physic in the alignment. But it should not be too firm for applying pressure to the hips, shoulders and other body area. So, platform bed and its mattress will be the best solution to get relief from back pain.

Selection of a right bed depends on the comfort level. Here, the Platform Bed can be the sweetest solution for you. This bed imbibes your body weight. Moreover, it holds back pressure equally and saves you from back pain. Just take up the mattress and put away on the platform.

 Reasons For Picking Off A Platform Bed 

 Are you looking for huge space? Platform bed includes a huge space under it. You will be able to store anything you want. It is great to use as it has a huge storage with built-in drawers. This amazing creation shows a simple but elegant outlook as well as a tiny foot-mark including or excluding an upright panel form. If you need a smaller bedroom, this bed is definitely an ideal stuff. 

Do You Prefer A Classical Bedroom?

Many people consider the bedroom as the most important room as they have to spend a huge time there. In this room, you have to sleep the whole night. If you use a platform bed to feel comfortable and to bring classy outlook in the bedroom. There are many advantages of it which may attract your consideration are given the below:

• Peaceful Sleep That You Need

Are you dissatisfied with disturbed sleeping at night? The reason behind this problem is your box spring, which has no more valid. In this case, a platform bed can provide you enough support while sleeping or having some rest.

• Without the Boxspring 

You can apart from the box spring from the platform bed for sure. This bed provides a strong base for your mattress. 

• Smooth And Elegant Design

Platform bed holds an elegant and stylish design which has established its importance in modern architecture. It has become the pioneer in the modern design trend for its unique styles and finishing. So, certainly, it can be your ultimate choice for making your bedroom gorgeous and fashionable.

• Fewer Parts

A mattress, box spring and frames are must requirements for a common bed which are much expensive. But, a platform bed needs only a frame and a mattress, that’s it. Isn’t it a money saving stuff? Besides that, you can easily set up all the parts and components in it. 

Need A Perfect Lifestyle?


Just pick up your mattress and place it on the platform. It is the initial usefulness of a platform bed. The platform bed is a leading furniture class across the world still now. There are many styles of platform bed will make you impressed.

Modern platform beds are being used with a few styles. It is specialized in simple and unique design, straight and strong. Its simplistic form of design has been remarked as the milestone of modern design. 

Another style is mission style which is just normal horizontal. It also includes upright lines and plane dashboard. This category of the platform bed is remarkable for their capacity, good looks and certainly for durability.

Eco - friendly platform beds are another special model is much stronger. Natural woods have been used here to make Eco - friendly platform bed instead of manufactured woods. The convenient fact is, these are so fragile. This type platform bed frame doesn’t hold injurious VOC's. Not only that, it also doesn’t contain any kind of adhesives at all. 

More Features:

• Lasts for a long time.

• It has an attractive and modern outlook. 

• You can have a calm, quiet and warm sleep. 

• It is more durable than the others. 

• Built-in storage.

• Many designs with several heights.

• Convenient to place anywhere.

• You will get better airflow. 

Make Your Life Cheerful

For sure, you will love your life after having a platform bed. The whole house and bedroom will seem like a heaven to you. There are some facts related to your comfort you are looking for is all about platform bed. 

If there comes the fact of comfort, the temperature is a major issue here. If you want to sleep warmly, you need to go to the platform bed frame. Some of the platform bed frames have slats which enable a mattress to breathe with ease. If you set the mattress on a plain ground, it will not work properly. 

Memory foam performs better on a platform bed frame. The point is, memory foam can breathe enough and keep a person cool. Some platform beds allow more air flow than the normal flow beneath them. You will not get these facilities from a box spring. 


Some questions may come certainly to your mind. You will find your answers here. If the answers suit for you, make a decision to have a platform bed.

• Are the platform beds good enough?

Yes of course they are, don’t think twice. Slat supplies enough airflow and reduces the possibility of mold. 

• What types of mattresses are suitable for platform beds?

There are 6 types of mattresses suitable for platform beds are memory foam, innerspring, futon-style mattresses, hard side waterbeds, latex and soft side waterbeds.

• Does a regular mattress suits on the platform bed?

All kinds of mattress will work on the platform bed. If you already have made the decision to have a platform bed, don’t worry about the type of mattress.

• Does a platform bed require the box spring?

If you want to place a mattress directly on the platform bed, just do it without setting the box spring.

• Which mattress will be suitable?

Memory foam mattress will be perfect and right to use the platform bed. You will be more comfortable with this stuff. The most popular mattress is memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are obviously much impressible to heat. The memory foam will begin to melt and pursue the outline of the body after absorbing some of the body's heat.It will bemuch suitable for your body.

• Are all the platform beds made of wood? Any use of chemicals?

It surely differs from a platform bed with another one. Most of the beds are made of solid wood. But, some of them are made of veneer wood. The futon frames are free of chemicals.

To sum up, if you feel satisfied and happy with all the criteria from the platform bed, it’s right moment to start a new, healthy, classical and comfortable with the platform bed. This is all about your warm and peaceful sleep. So, don’t compromise here. Just set your mind and decision to bring a platform bed for your heavenly bedroom.

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