Best Friends vs Battle Buddies
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Best Friends vs Battle Buddies

Reminiscing over my beach trip with my battles

Best Friends vs Battle Buddies

"Half right, face"

"Bowl bowl bowl, bowl to the food"

"Get up privates, let's go privates, you're too slow privates"

All of these sayings is what brought me my battle buddies...

Every single one of my battle buddies from OSUT are in my life on a daily basis- Whether that be on social media, our group chat, or individually contacting each other. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't talk to them.

Spending 7 months with 62 other females in harsh conditions, all competing against each other, yet on the same team really leaves you with the bestest friends, but like in any group activity or team you draw yourself to certain people.

I was drawn to 5 females who are my best friends, hands down, no doubt about it.

Bradford was the first female I met when we showed up to reception, and ever since then we've been inseparable. I even remember seeing her at the USO at the airport!! Weird, right? Even though she lives in Ohio and I live in Kentucky, I swear I know all of her friends at school there, her mom, her cousins, heck maybe even an aunt. She's my long lost soul sista and I really don't know what I'd do without her! She's the one I text at 1am because I can't sleep and send all of my pictures to approve before posting on social media.

Annon was in my PLT and we were battles for EVERYTHING- FTX, drills, shooting, you name it, we were together. She made the suck, suck a little less. She would give me her MRE food for my nasty food just because she knew my stomach would die if I ate that certain food or simply just because she knew I didn't like it that much. When I think of the word empathetic or accepting, that'd be her. I can't even remeeber all the times in the field where she had to watch my surroundings so I could use the bathroom, or when I layed in poison ivy (someones gotta put the lotion on). literally my ride or die battle.

Rosario was the bright light of our group, the one who never had a frown, was constantly encouraging us all, and I couldn't relate more to her and her life. We instantly clicked. Our brothers are the same age, so we talked A LOT about them when we were in the bays, and our families- very similar as well. All of my late night laughs on fire guard, were with her. Rosario is hands down, the most strongest people I know, her outlook on life is amazing, has a similar sense of humor, and gets me like no one else does. Plus, she loves me no matter what I do, but would put me in check the second I messed up.

Juarez is the biggest goofball on the planet, I could be having the worst day, we get back to the bays and I just wanted to stick to myself that night, but there she was on my bunk ready to listen and talk about the day. She was also the one I got smoked next to, every single time because we were always next to each other in formations. 4th squad for lifeeeee. Loyalty is her word, she is loyal to a T. She has had my back through everything and always encouraged me to eat healthy at the DFAC ;). I love her like family and all I want for her is to be happy.

Lastly, Pilch, Pilch is the life of the party, she is the loudest girl you'll ever meet, but has the kindest heart. She'd just look at you and say, "Rowsey, I just love you..." "Rowsey, you're so pretty" like what! She inspires me to be a better person just by being herself, we can pick up right where we left off and It's like we've never been apart.

Don't get me wrong, I love my friends from home and college, but my battles are like no other. There's a different kind of friendship between us. You'd like to think it's a judgement free zone with all of your friends, but I swear I am the most comfortable around my battles. Plus, they always have my back, the I'd literally take a bullet for you, type of love. No civilian friend would get in the front leaning rest with you, willingly. My battles are the only ones I'd run upstairs with with 15 seconds left before we were suppose to be at formation because they forgot their eye pro, or their ACH, or their name tag? Yeah, don't ask how that happened, but it did.

You know what's awesome though?

Going out to eat tacos with your best friend at 2am at college, just because you can.

Or just lying in an empty field on your backs looking at the stars and talking about life.

But you know what else is awesome?

When it's you and your battle buddy's turn to pull security and you share an MRE.

Or just lying in the prone position whispering about your families back home.

But you know what else is awesome?

Getting up at 4 in the morning for some PT even though it rained and you know it's about to be muddy mess.

Its even better when you're halfway through the prep drills and you look over at your battle and you're both covered in mud.

My best friends vs my Battles Buddies is a whole different ball game.

I feel as though I have the best of both words, I have the best of friends and battles and I'm truly blessed.

There's always a soft spot in my heart though, wishing I was with my battles, I feel like I can never feel that void.

I recently saw my battle buddies last week at Virginia Beach and I finally felt whole again, yet when we said "see you later", that emptiness was there, once again.

I do love both equally, just each friend and each battle has a different kind of love.

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