As fall and Halloween come around every year, the annual candy corn war begins. There are those that love candy corn and those that hate it - there is no in-between. Twitter and Facebook turn into a warzone as loved ones find themselves in a feud.

There are those who advocate for candy corn:

And then there are those who strongly advocate against candy corn:

But the real issue here? Circus peanuts. Both candy corn lovers and haters need to come together and recognize that circus peanuts are the WORST CANDY OF ALL-TIME.

Circus peanuts are those nasty, Cheeto-looking, banana-flavored, peanut-shaped "marshmallow" candies that have somehow been around for many, many years. Just by the looks and description of them, I have absolutely no idea how anyone could eat these things, let alone enjoy them.

Why are they shaped like peanuts? Why are they flavored like bananas? Why are they bright orange? Why do they exist in the first place? WHYYYY?

Oh, and it gets even "better." These peanut-shaped "marshmallow" treats also come in three other flavors and colors: Vanilla (white), lemon (yellow), and cherry (red). I can't even imagine how awful those must be. Again, I must ask, WHY?

Besides, is there anyone out there who actually likes circus peanuts? I know many people who like candy corn, but I have not heard of ONE SINGLE PERSON liking circus peanuts. So, what's the point of arguing about candy corn when these terrible things exist?

Next time you find yourself in a candy corn argument, put aside your differences and remember the real tragedy here: Circus peanuts. You may not be able to agree on whether candy corn is good or not, but we can all agree that circus peanuts are disgusting and something we MUST PUT TO AN END.