8 Chrome Extensions Every College Student Needs

8 Chrome Extensions Every College Student Needs

Extensions that make your college life a little easier.

Having a laptop in college is a must, but most laptops don't automatically come with helpful personal features to get you through the day. That’s what extensions are for. There are thousands of extensions for Chrome, and here are 8 essential ones every college student needs.

1. Momentum

Instead of opening up Chrome to find a boring home page, you can download Momentum and be met with a landscape picture and an inspirational quote. You can also save websites you frequently visit to the home page for easy access and utilize the to-do list in the bottom corner.

2. Grammarly

This is a great extension that does more than spell check. It checks your grammar when writing anything from papers to emails (and even Odyssey articles!)

3. Timewarp

This extension helps you stop procrastinating by redirecting you to productive sites when you try to visit sites like Facebook or Youtube. You can also set Timewarp to show you motivational quotes or how much time you have spent on a particular website.

4. Honey

Automatically applies available coupon codes when you’re checking out during your online shopping. As broke college students, this extension can help save you a little extra cash.

5. Tabby Cat

“A new friend in every tab.”

6. Forest

This extension lets you plant a little virtual tree. While you're productive, it grows, but if you stray to sites you put on your blacklist, such as Facebook, it withers away.

7. uBlock Origin

Turn this extension on and block all those annoying ads on the sides of articles, video ads, and ads before Youtube videos.

8. Pi Reminder

Pi Reminder allows you to manage your to-dos, both short and long-term. Get popup reminders at specific times and create a calendar with all of your reminders for the future.

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