Family is everything around the holiday season. They are the only people who know the real you. Christmas and any other holiday is not about all the gifts er receive. However, it's all about spending time with the people you love.

My family is everything to me, and Christmas is the one time out of the year that we are all together. When I think about it, my family has definitely changed in many ways this past year. The dynamic of it all compared to recent years is truly different; which makes Christmas a whole lot more special than it usually is. When I think about it more, I realize I have angels watching over me every holiday season.

This year, the holidays will be tough since the matriarch of my family is gone; but it won't stop her from looking down on us to spread a lot of Christmas cheer that we truly need.

Many things will be different this year, but I think Christmas will be a good day for all of us to reflect and remember the good times we had in the past and hoping for better ones in the future. People come and go in our family but they are always there in spirit. It goes to show you that true meaning of Christmas is shown quite a lot because many people have come and gone in my life and probably in yours too, but family is always there even if they have passed on to another life. Babies are the reincarnation as they say... so my grandmother is out there somewhere.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas or any other holiday you celebrate. Stay safe in the new year!!