Christmas Ornaments Every Family Has on Their Tree

Christmas Ornaments Every Family Has on Their Tree

Some of the ornaments you may see on your tree this Christmas.

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1. The homemade ornament

Your family probably has many of these on your tree. If your mom is like mine though, you are not allowed to hang these on the fancy, living room tree, so they go on the basement tree that no one sees. These ornaments may include cotton balls, glitter glue, or your second grade school photo.

2. The personalized ornament

This ornament is one that is very generic. It has your average Christmas design: snowflakes, a Nativity scene, or even Santa Claus, and then has your name plastered awkwardly in the center of it. If you have siblings, you probably have two or three of the same one, just with different names.

3. The family ornament

To take things even further with the personalized ornament, your family may even have a whole entire family personalized ornament. Ours is smiling snowmen with all of the names of the family members labeled. If you have one of these, it is probably a gift from someone who didn't know what else to get for your family.

4. The sports ornament

This is an ornament you probably have in multiples, like the personalized and homemade ones. These are most likely just balls that represent random sports that you and your siblings have played throughout your childhood. We have a basketball, a baseball, a cheerleader, and even a baton from when my sister took lessons. We don't even play any of these sports anymore, but we still put the ornaments on our tree every year to commemorate.

5. The pickle ornament

The pickle ornament is a tradition in my house, even though no one ever really participated in the first place (we are always too busy ripping presents open.) The object of this game is for the parents to put the pickle ornament on the tree and then whoever finds it gets a special treat.

6. The colored bulbs

These are the classic ornaments. They can be any color, but are mostly red and green. We have broken many of them at my house, but a few of them are still standing strong.

7. Character Ornament

My siblings and I have various character ornaments, some of which are really creepy. We have everything from American Girl ornaments, to Build A Bear ornaments. These ones really give the tree a special edge, especially the ones that have nothing to do with Christmas at all.

8. The expensive ornaments

These are the ones that are allowed to go on the living room tree, and also the ones my mom keeps in the fancy boxes that they came in. These are the ones that all match and no one is allowed to touch. Thankfully, none of these ornaments have been broken yet (and I pity the person that breaks one someday.)

9. The yearly milestone ornaments

These are the ones that you received as gifts from your grandparents until you were around five years old and then stopped getting. These just have creepy figurines on them and then commemorate how old you were that Christmas.

10. The Disney Ornament

And last but not least, the Disney ornament. Every family has one of these from their last Disney trip, and it goes on the tree every year.

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