It's Christmas Morning.

You can smell the cinnamon buns baking in the oven and hear the footsteps of your little cousins padding down the stairs. Led by a little hand to the tree, you can see the presents and you patiently wait for the rest of your family to join so you can see what Santa has left for you. There is a warmth which settles over the room every Christmas morning.

But this Christmas take a moment to give thanks for the season, and the most valuable presents it truly holds.

If your family is healthy, thank God for their prosperity. If they are not, thank God for their healing and recovery. Family is inviolable. All the food you will eat, the presents you will receive, thank God for the people who have poured their money and efforts into your holiday cheer. The hymns you hear and the food you eat have meaning, so treat them with respect by respecting and thanking each other. Enjoy the season, but remember the reason. When the season ends, try to carry the love and giving of the season over into your daily life. The reason why Christmas is so special is from the love we give to each other, and that is the greatest gift of them all. No matter how you show it, be kind to one another and remember to love on each other.

Also, remember to simply thank your parents this Christmas, this goes such a long way.

Merry Christmas.