Personally, I believe it's never too early to get in the Christmas spirit…however, the rest of the world never seems to be on board with my idea. Christmastime is my absolute favorite time of the year without question. I'm not sure if it's it the holiday spirit, the yummy food, all of the traditions, or the extra excitement of my birthday falling two days later.

The atmosphere just seems to be different that time of year, so why not have it twice? Well, maybe it's not that simple.

After a quick Google search, I found that the whole idea of "Christmas in July" became widely known after the 1940 movie Christmas in July. Nowadays it's really only kind of celebrated in some southern hemisphere countries for that classic holiday winter feel, although they still have Christmas on December 25th like the rest of the world.

Besides that, it's mostly just an ironic saying and unfortunately not a recognized holiday.

Regardless, that hasn't stopped me. Every year on July 25th I tend to do a little something to celebrate. Here as 11 ways to feel a little more joyous this summer.


1. Watch a holiday movie.

Netflix still has a pretty good selection including A Christmas Prince and the live action How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

2. Bake some cookies.

Let's face it chocolate chip cookies taste good any time of the year.

3. Listen to Christmas music on your drive to work.

4. Wear some red or green.

5. Watch YouTube Christmas specials.

Personally, I love vlogs and always try to watch a throwback Christmas one on this day.

6. Have some turkey…or ham…or roast beef.

A.K.A. eat whatever your traditional meal is!

7. Give someone a gift.

8. Eat a peppermint.

Or that leftover candy cane you still have. (and if all else fails a piece of mint gum.)

9. Have some hot chocolate.

10. Look at old Christmas photos.

11. Wear your pajamas all day.

Hope you have a very merry July 25th.