Why Christmas Is The Best In Chicago
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Why Christmas Is The Best In Chicago

Nothing beats the holidays in the windy city.

Why Christmas Is The Best In Chicago

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas ..." -- well, dreams like that come true in the city of Chicago. It's rare that we don't have snow for Christmas, and that fact alone has made living in this city a true Christmas experience. Holidays in my family have always included trips downtown because the essence of the season is captured so well through the attractions and events Chicago has to offer.

Call me biased because I've lived in this magical place my whole life, but when you look at the big picture, Chicago has it all when it comes to Christmas spirit. There's always something to do, or eat, here, and you'll be lucky if you get it all done by the time the season is over.

From family traditions to Chicago's culture, Christmas is best celebrated in Chicago and here's why:


Located in Daley Plaza, this German-inspired market holds several vendors selling ornaments, nutcrackers, and other holiday knick-knacks. Not to forget the large array of foods, from strudel to German chocolate cake to roasted nuts. From the moment you step into the market, the sights and smells will instantly put you into the holiday spirit. The market is worth braving the Chicago weather for.

Macy’s Walnut Room

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is going downtown to State Street with my family to eat at the Walnut Room. This restaurant, in the heart of Macy's, truly puts the magic into this season. Each year the tree is decorated to a specific theme, and the line to get in becomes longer and longer as Christmas approaches. Be sure at least one person at the table orders their traditional pot pie, and don't skimp on deserts. My favorite as a kid was always the Santa bear cookie or the snowman sundae. Wishes really do come true here, with the help of fairies who greet your table at some point during your meal, because you are never too old to get glitter sprinkled on your head.

Maggie Daley Skating Ribbon

A new addition to the Chicago Christmas scene, the skating ribbon opened just last year! What looks like a frozen lazy river is really a long stretch of an ice rink. As you circle the ribbon, you get to take in the views around Chicago. Don't miss this new attraction located in Grant Park.

Lincoln Park Zoo Lights

Walk the Lincoln Park Zoo during this season to catch a glimpse of the spectacular light displays. What makes it even better: It's a free event! As well as marvelling at the lights, you can spot ice sculptors hard at work at the zoo too, so you can see how these awesome statues are made. Grab a cup of hot chocolate on the way and be sure to stop at the penguin exhibit.

Macy's Window Displays

Take a trip around the block of Macy's to view the story of the windows. Each year, the window displays take on a new theme and the block tells a story. From "Harry Potter" to the classic "A Christmas Story," there is something for everyone to be astonished, and the art work and creativity displayed in the windows is stunning. My family hasn't missed a year of displays since I was born -- this is a true tradition that Chicagoans can't get enough of.

Catch a Broadway Show

There is an array of musicals and plays to catch at all times of year in the city, but "Elf the Musical" has to be one of my favorites. From holiday songs to cheesy dance moves, the show is as christmasy-cute as could be. If you're not a fan of "Elf" (are you the Grinch?), there are so many other holiday shows to see that will cap your night on the town.

Daley Plaza Christmas Tree

Home of the city's tree, Daley Plaza captures the essence of the Christmas season. Families gather around daily for pictures and to make new holiday traditions.

The Bean

Located in MIllenium Park, the Bean after a fresh coat of snow is breathtaking. You'll see Chicagoans flocking to the park during snowstorms to catch a few pictures with our staple attraction. Because did you even visit Chicago if you didn't get a picture at the Bean?

Happy Holidays!

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