25 Gifts Every 'Tomi Lahren' Girl Needs Under Her Christmas Tree

25 Gifts Every 'Tomi Lahren' Girl Needs Under Her Christmas Tree

These are their final gifts.

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Everyone loves Christmas, especially Tomi Lahren supporters. But remember that they don't love "the holidays," because we celebrate Christmas in America. Be careful.

If you follow the news, regardless of your political standpoint, I'm almost positive that you've heard her name or scrolled past her videos on your Facebook feed. During the 2016 election, her whiny videos went viral, gaining her more than 4 million Facebook followers.

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Unfortunately, she has only risen in popularity because of her loud, dramatic, conservative, and opportunistic rants.

Yes, she has several supporters who think she is an excellent role model to young women — but then again, Trump is President and he too has supporters. I, for one, do not see anything admirable about a female who uses her physical appearance and hatred to make a name for herself. Still, I can't do anything about the 4 million people who think Tomi is great except give them ideas on what to buy each other for Christmas.

So, here are the best gifts to get that friend who reminds you of the one and only Tomi Lahren this Christmas!

1. A BB gun so she can practice safely.

2. A YETI Cooler for their PBR or for a much-needed belfie.

3. “How Not to Be a Dick An Everyday Etiquette Guide" by Meghan Doherty.

4. A pair of UGG boots.

5. A pair of Hunter boots.

6. This pin to remind people who she truly is.

7. This Kim Kardashian mug so they never have to cry alone.

8. This hashtag pillow for when retweeting @tomilahren makes her tired.

9. Yoga pants for all the times they skip yoga class to watch Tomi's debates on YouTube.

10. MAGA hats because who doesn't want to make America great again? Am I right?

11. A Donald Trump t-shirt to match their MAGA hat!

12. This t-shirt for when their Trump shirt gets dirty

13. “Bad Feminist" by Roxane Gay.

14. Feminist coasters? We all need reminders every now and then!

15. “The Conservative Mind" by Russell Kirk because it was popular in the 50s.

16. This book to remind them a life outside Republicans exist

17. This book to remind them they are not alone

18. The perfect stocking stuffer for when they want to gather around the fireplace and discuss #AlternativeFacts

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19. This mug so they can put their alternative coffee in.

20. A YouTube subscription so she doesn't have to sit through ads during Tomi Lahren and Donald Trump videos.

21. This t-shirt for when she runs out of excuses.

22. This pin for when she's feeling confused.

23. This sweater so she can warm her cold heart and win the ugly Christmas sweater party she probably wasn't invited to!

24. This Elephant cuff for when she wants to be stylish and conservative at the same time.

25. This mug for when she forgets all the other Republican Presidents not named Trump.

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