Christmas Is Just Another Ordinary Day For Jewish People

Christmas Is Just Another Ordinary Day To Me

Christmas is just December 25th, I don't see much significance to it!


The second November begins people begin to focus on Christmas. There is only Halloween and then we go straight to Christmas. People seem to forget Thanksgiving but everyone always seems to be super excited when it comes to Christmas or the days leading up to Christmas. The radio stations are filled with Christmas music and restaurants and other buildings are getting into the Christmas spirit. Tuscaloosa even has trees decorated for Christmas with a barbeque restaurant decorating one of the trees.

Growing up as the Jewish friend in all my friend groups except my Jewish friend group people would always ask me what I would do on Christmas. Before I could answer someone would say "Y'all go to the movies and eat Chinese food right?", while this is a stereotype and after that person is bopped on the head for being ignorant I respond with "We look at Christmas Day as the way we look at any other day". This startles people because they have grown up celebrating Christmas as the day and are not used to hearing anything different.

Christmas has always been just a day to me. My family and I would spend it together and we did not see it any different than most days. We did not go get Chinese food or go to the movie theatre but we would find ways to enjoy the day. It still confuses many of my friends when I tell them I don't do anything on Christmas but that has always been the case. I grew up in a small Jewish community and Alabama does not have as many Jews as people think.

In fact, some of my friends have told me I was the first Jew they had ever met. Judaism is a part of my life and I have never tried to succumb to my surroundings. I do like Christmas movies and the food but that does not make me a bad Jew. Christmas is celebrated by some people it just is not celebrated by me.

Growing up everyone seems to look forward to two days out of the year: Christmas and their birthday. With the idea that they will get lots of toys and toys are fun. For me, I looked forward to Hanukkah and my birthday for the same reason but Hanukkah is not like Christmas.

Hanukkah is not a major holiday for the Jewish people and the only reason it is affiliated with Christmas is for marketing purposes. I love Hanukkah just because it is something that I can teach my friends about and the best way to explain how I celebrate Christmas is by saying that I celebrate Christmas the way my friends celebrate Hanukkah: by not celebrating it. While something may be different for someone's lifestyle it does not mean we need to change it to satisfy them.

So while I may not celebrate Christmas it does not mean I will forget about wishing my friends a Merry Christmas or be like Ebenezer Scrooge. I still enjoy how people celebrate Christmas but I just do not celebrate it. I know my friends love Christmas and I hope they all have a Merry Christmas.

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Please note that prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

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The First Jewish Super Bowl MVP,  Julian Edelman, Is Now A Household Name

While we shouldn't compare him to Sandy Koufax or Sid Luckman, Julian Edelman is a star for the Jewish people.


Super Bowl 53 has come and gone. While it was not the most exciting game in the 53-year history (neither was Super Bowl 50) it will be known for the defensive performance of both sides. In the midst of the defensive battle, a wide receiver was having a Super Bowl to remember. That receiver was Julian Edelman.

Now, the name is not going to jump off the screen to you like Julio or Larry Fitzgerald but Julian Edelman did what was asked of him throughout the game and delivered. He finished the game with 10 catches for over 100 yards and provided sparks for the New England offense when it was needed. He was the go-to receiver and earned the Super Bowl MVP award. Thus he became the third player during the Patriots six Super Bowl wins to win the award. The other player not named Tom Brady was Deion Branch a wide receiver who won the MVP against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 39. Branch caught 11 passes for 133 yards, only one more catch than Edelman.

The MVP award is typically for the quarterback and now three receivers have won the award. However, this article is not meant to acknowledge the wide receivers but rather focus on Julian Edelman. Julian Edelman is Jewish and when he was named the MVP he actually became the first Jewish Super Bowl MVP. To win a Super Bowl is pretty incredible but to be named the MVP is also pretty cool. Edelman not only did both but surprised every NFL fan.

There are not a lot of Jews in the NFL. Most of the Jewish people affiliated with the NFL either own the team or are a General Manager. There are three known Jewish football players in the NFL and Edelman is one of them. Being does not always mean just having Judaism as your religion. When I was younger I was so excited when I found out certain actors or other famous people were famous. When I went to go tell my dad about my new knowledge he made me think about my statement.

Just because someone is Jewish are they practicing or consider themselves Jewish? I thought about this idea and looked at famous Jews in a different way. In 2014, Julian Edelman talked about his Judaism and while he was not the most involved or practicing Jew he rediscovered Judaism as an adult. He took a birthright trip, he wrote a book that referenced Zionism and Theodor Herzl and has begun celebrating Jewish holidays.

Edelman grew up with a Jewish father and while he was not very observant what stuck out to me was what Edelman did in 2018. In wake of arguably the deadliest Jewish massacre in the past year, Edelman wore custom made cleats with the Hebrew phrase בזיכרון עץ חיים which means "In Memory of Etz Chaim (Tree of Life). This phrase was meant to remember the synagogue in Pittsburgh and to honor those who were lost in the synagogue shooting. What I noticed on the other cleat was the phrase "Stronger than Hate." It has been common for players to wear different designs on their cleats but this was the first time it was done to honor people similar to me. I have passion when people show their roots or heritage and Julian did just that.

People can look at the Super Bowl in different ways but this year I got to look at it differently than a fan. Julian Edelman had to prove why he belonged in the NFL and he actually did not even play wide receiver in college. He was called undersized, too slow and it was said that maybe he could be a free agent at best. That was ten years ago and now he has established himself as one of the top slot receivers in the NFL. He has been able to establish a great pro football career but become a face for the Jewish fans. Thank you, Jules, you have become the person we needed and we are kvelling for you.

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