What I Do During The Holiday Season

What is everyone Christmas tradition during this wonderful Christmas holiday?

My Christmas tradition is going to my uncle's house the night of the 23 to kick off the Christmas holiday season What we do is we open secret Santa gifts, eat a bunch of food and we play bingo. The way that we pick secret Santa is by writing down names and picking them out of a hat. What we eat that night is sauce with fried fish. By the end of the night we open the presents and we play bingo for money.

The night of Christmas Eve we go to my aunt's house and we do a grab bag and eat so much good food from fish, to pasta and sauce, sometimes some kind of protein and for dessert we eat a bunch of sweet things and drink coffee, tea, and hot coco; and for the adults we drink alcohol with dinner and dessert. For the grab bags, we write numbers down for anyone who want to play and whatever number you pick that was the number you pick for your gift.

Christmas morning we open up presents at my mom's house, then we just relax after that. After we relax that's when we will start to get ready and then we go to my dad's house and we open up more presents there. This year for Christmas Day, we have a new tradition where my dad is going to have Christmas day at his house, and d secret Santa as well. We always eat so much food from homemade sauce, to stuffed shrimp and homemade Italian cookies and we just end up having a good time.

During the Christmas season, I love eating all of the good food, opening all of the present and seeing all of the trees in front of everyone's windows and seeing all of the different lights outside everyone's houses. I love seeing everything covered in the white snow during Christmas time, it makes Christmas so much better.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

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