5 Boss Ways To Get Over The Post-Christmas Blues And Prepare For The New Year

5 Boss Ways To Get Over The Post-Christmas Blues And Prepare For The New Year

The holidays don't have to be over.


That's it, the holidays have been celebrated. No more eight days of Hanukkah, no more kissing under the mistletoe and drinking eggnog. You can forget about shopping for others for a while too, but it seems like the fun has passed you by.

All gone until next year. But the year is still young, there is almost a week left before next year drops its ball for you to roll after. Here are some ways to keep the holiday spirit alive well into the new year like a boss.

1. Shop for yourself.


You spent the final months of the year shopping for your family and friends. The lists were always changing and adding new hot items to be found and bought.

Special editions, collector's items, hard-to-find items, everything that everyone you had to search for and get right up to the deadline. But what about you?

Sometimes the shopper becomes an afterthought. Now It is time to treat yourself and shop for things you always wanted.

2. New Year's party.


Getting together with friends and family over the holidays can be stressful or excessive. After quality time with each other has been spent, you feel like you should have time to recharge.

Top off the end of the year with one more party for your Party Planning Committee. Membership: just you. You had to plan a party for them, now you get to host your own party.

Champagne for the adults and ginger ale for the kids. Finger food and desserts, a movie-night, your plans for the new year. Make it a going out party and a "see you again soon" party.

3. Just do it.


Baby New Year and Cupid better watch out, because you are getting ahead of the game early this year. There is still some energy and buzz on reserve from the holidays and it has to go somewhere. Why not some needed projects?

You could sit down and write that novel you have in mind. Go check out some local events or travel more. Reorganize your life completely or here and there to jump start the things you want to do.

Looks like Nike is going to need a new slogan. How about "Just Blew It"?

4. Give back.


You do not have to buy things to show people that you are in the giving spirit. Giving back does not have to cost you anything at all. Be generous with your time and be more considerate.

Invest in others when and where you can, volunteer or spend your time with the people and things you care about. Bring out the best in you and do good for others and do right by others.

You cannot give generosity on a Hallmark card, and if you are fortunate, give back to the less fortunate.

5. Wait until you can go back to work and eat out again.


Not much left to do until January. You threw away the tree, packed up all your decorations, and finished all your leftovers. It is hard being a person. The amount of maintenance that goes into you is a miracle.

Pat yourself on the back, right after a well-deserved nap. Take a load off, relax, and get ready for another year ahead.

See that twinkle in your eye? You are being your own boss already.

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7 New Years Resolutions That Every Girl Makes But Never Sticks With

New year, same me.


Ah, the refreshing presence of a new year. A year full of so many possibilities, opportunities, events, and resolutions that I'm going to make but manage to bend and break every last one that I jotted down in my polka dot planner.

1. “I’m going to seriously stop spending money. I’ll budget everything next year.”


Catch me at every store inside the mall hours after making my resolutions, ignoring my efforts as I purchase this Nike sweatshirt that pulls 80 bucks out if my checking account!

​2. "I'm going to stop procrastinating so I won't be stressed out anymore!"


Starting on my projects the day they are assigned? Easy. Getting ready for work as soon as I wake up? Piece of cake. Just let me hit snooze a couple of times and I’ll be fine.

3. “Instead of Coke, I’ll get water.”


Coca-cola is a guilty pleasure. Yeah, water is cool, but I don’t think anything beats an ice cold bottle of Coke. Change my mind.

4. “I’m deleting my Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Social media is lame anyway!”


I mean, I tried to delete my account but then I saw that Stacy had her baby and she is ~so~ cute! How can I delete my Instagram now? Maybe, next month. It’s still in the new year.

​5. "My room is going to stay so clean, I'll be able to eat off the floor."


It’s fine, it’s just one shirt on the floor, a pair of pants, my Taco Bell bag, some chargers, and my laptop. I’ll clean it tomorrow or the next day!

6. “Going to bed past 10 isn’t going to happen anymore.”


It’s 10:37: makeup is still on, the shower is running, I’m starving, and there is an essay due in the morning with my name on it. It’s just this one night, right?

7. “I’m going to the gym every day and setting my lockscreen as Jen Selter for motivational purposes.”


I know I’m breaking my resolution of not spending money by buying these Lululemon pants, but I promise this will motivate me to workout. I promise.

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Christmas Of Remembrance Series: My Last Letter

Christmas time is not about the gifts... It is about something far, far more special.


Dear Reader,

Thank you for your time.

This is a series that I have dedicated to those I have loved and lost. It was merely a thought, then an idea, and now a realized creation. Christmas time… all winter really is a hard time for me. It holds this duality in my life of being both my favorite and also my least favorite and difficult time of year. It has been that way for years now.

In a way, this series aids my closure and healing further, and it allows me to tell my story in a way that, to me, is less scary (one of the many great facets of this platform). It was never my intention to write this in order to reach people, or encourage people, or serve as an inspiration to anyone. This was for me and only me. No one else. But, if these pieces of writing do impact someone, somewhere, or make them feel encouraged or inspired in some way or another, or just simply make them feel, then I hope you have enjoyed them. If I can make someone feel, then I guess I have done my job.

The life of an artist is often an uncertain one. The life of a human is a trying one. But life is a journey, and all journeys have their trials. Their tests. Their triumphs and rewards. And they all have their losses. What matters most is what you make of all of it. What lessons you learn. What changes you make. What life you create for yourself. What art you create because of it all. It can be very, very hard. But it can all be glorious at the same time.

At the heart of this series, my words, there is this deep and valuable belief of mine: Christmas (or the Winter Holiday that you may celebrate) is so much more about presents and cooking and shopping and all that other bullshit… it is about family.

The family that is related by blood. The family that surrounds your heart. Your Mom. Your brother. Your dearest friends. The bonds that make life valuable. Worth living. These bonds are soulful bonds, ones that are far more special than any mere trivial object. So… be with them. Forgive. Forget. Heal. Mend what is broken. Reassemble what has been shattered. And stop worrying so much. Laugh together. Cry together. Heal on another. Heal together. And may your new days be better, brighter, and full of love.

Happy Holidays.


A song for you...

"Sense of Home" — Harrison Storm / YouTube

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