12 Times Chrissy Teigen's Tweets Were Too Relatable As A College Student
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12 Times Chrissy Teigen's Tweets Were Too Relatable As A College Student

"4:30 a.m., eating a sausage McMuffin"

12 Times Chrissy Teigen's Tweets Were Too Relatable As A College Student

Chrissy Teigen is hands down the best, most relatable person I follow on Twitter. Even though she's a 32-year-old mom, I actually relate to her tweets quite a bit as a college student. When I'm not relating to her tweets, I'm laughing at how weird and funny they are. If you're a college student or just appreciate funny tweets, here are some of my fav Chrissy Teigen tweets:

1. "My whole life is pretending I listened to voicemails, so I get it."

Sometimes we have to fake it 'til we make it. Sorry not sorry for all the unopened voicemails and for not answering the phone in the first place.

2. "Officially given all the f**ks. Actually, you stole them. But they're gone either way."


3. "I have come to realize that at some point in the day, I will order and consume a pizza so it might as well be in the morning"

It's common knowledge that the diet of a college student consists of frequent pizza. Whether pizza is for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three is up to you.

4. "need an intern to help me block people for college credit or food"

Us college students appreciate people who offer up college credit and food. P.S. PLEASE LET ME BE YOUR INTERN, CHRISSY TEIGEN!!

5. "I dunno I can't find her"

Someone tweeted at Chrissy and asked, "how's baby Luna?" Chrissy tweeted back and said she couldn't find her. In some ways, I feel we can relate. Think about not being able to find our motivation to get out of bed or not being able to find that shirt we borrowed from a friend three months ago. That's practically the same a baby...right?

6. "4:30 a.m., eating a sausage McMuffin"

We've all been there, done that.

7. "OJ American crime is over, but real housewives of new york begins tonight. When one door closes, another one opens"

There will always be another Netflix series to binge-watch after you finish yours in less than a week.

8. "Has anyone even ever looked at the other people in their group photo?"

We all have THAT friend who posts atrocious group pictures, even when the group message voted to delete them. You get an Instagram notification saying you've been tagged in a post and it's none other than the hideous group picture; half of the group's eyes are closed, yet THAT friend looks like a model.

9. "Threw up in the cab into a bag of cool ranch Doritos. This hangover is no joke. Also, I'm pretty sad about my Doritos."

No explanation.

10. "I'm so confused and I'm sorry I am not the foot size you want and need"

We all need something to blame our failures on.

11. "I have some kind of disease where I look ridiculous in shit most other people look cool in"

I have to come realize some of today's trendy clothes aren't for me. Please let me know how to pull off overalls ('m 5'3").

12. "What's the earliest anyone has had Buffalo Wild Wings?"

I think we may have all wondered if Buffalo Wild Wings brunch is an acceptable thing.

If you don't follow Chrissy Teigen on Twitter, what are you doing with your life?? She has 10.3 million followers for a reason! Also, if you're lucky, she will tweet cute pictures of her, John Legend, and their adorable daughter Luna (if she ever finds her).

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