To all the strong, compassionate, bold, gregarious women out there, choosing yourself is often deemed selfish. In a world full of misogyny and gender stereotypes, women who give themselves self-love are named "High maintenance," "Pretentious," or "Self-centered." When did being selfish come with negative connotations? Well we all know those actual self-obsessed people. The ones who seem to be unable to recognize that there are about 7.4 billion other human beings on this Earth. The ones that choose themselves over everyone and everything without even thinking twice. Well unfortunately there are people like that everywhere, but that's not the selfish I am talking about.

I support being selfish. Like the confidence and the knowledge that you have to recognize that you are worth time and space. To be selfish is not only knowing your self worth, but to embody self worth. To understand that you are perfectly imperfect and to give yourself the grace to forever be in search of a better you. Because at the end of the day, you are the protagonist of your story, your best friend, and the only soul that will understand the nooks and crannies of the life you have.
I am a firm believer that self affirmation builds the most durable relationship with yourself. Because if you stand behind 110% of your thoughts and actions, then whose opinion should deter you? (You could argue this by using examples of murder, hard drug use, or other bad choices, but I'm talking about the day-to-day choices.) Why would you let someone shake you from your sturdy ground when your roots are deeply planted? Don't succumb to social pressures. Don't back down just because a malicious string of words is throw in your direction. Self affirmation is knowing you are enough as you are in this moment and believing that you are a collection of stardust and that is a miracle within itself.

If you are anything like me, I know that you have an abundance of love that gets poured out on to everything and everyone around you. I know that you fall in love with the simple things in life like puppy kisses, crisp fall days, and hot showers. I know that you and I alike are simple things too and it is time to fall in love with yourself. I'm not saying to go bulldoze over everyone in your world or aloofly presume that the world revolves around you or become a full blown narcissist. I'm saying choose brave. Because what is more brave than celebrating your flaws. Choose passion. Because you are nothing without a drive to become something better. Choose kindness, choose empathy, choose self love. Choose yourself.