The Reality of College: You’ll Change Your Mind And That’s Okay
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Student Life

The Reality of College: You’ll Change Your Mind And That’s Okay

Wait… you’re changing your major again?

The Reality of College: You’ll Change Your Mind And That’s Okay
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This is a response to Choosing A College or University Does Not Only Mean Choose Where You Want To Go!

Although National Decision Day, when high school seniors in the United States make their final college and university decisions, is months away, the choice they have to make is no doubt looming over their heads. Having to commit to a place that they’ve only visited once or twice while possibly leaving their friends and family behind is a tough decision, no doubt. Which university is the best option, which major will provide the best future, and which campus has the best food. This one choice seems to control the entire trajectory of your life.

Now that I think about it, I guess it does. However, this seemingly permanent decision can easily change to what you want it to be, whether it’s changing your major or transferring to a different university. What matters most is what you are passionate about. What you’re comfortable with, what will challenge you to a reasonable extent, what makes you happy.

As the original article emphasizes, it’s important to consider which university provides you with the best opportunities for what you’d like to do in the future. But I’m here to tell you that it’s okay if you change your mind about your future career or plans in general. I came into college interested in becoming a psychologist. After learning how much additional higher education is needed to become a psychologist, as well as the process of graduate school, I decided that that was not necessarily the path that I wanted to take when I graduated. Now, being a third-year senior graduating in May, I’m looking forward to exploring my options before committing to one. After the incredible opportunities I’ve gained, including studying abroad in Europe and taking globally related courses, I’d like to teach English abroad at some point after graduation. I’d like to get my master’s degree at some point but for now, I want to explore. Classic study abroad girl stuff.

It’s important to use this time in college to find what’s best for you. If that’s transferring after the first year because you’re struggling, then that’s okay. If that’s discovering a new passion that completely changes your career plans, that’s great. If that’s changing your major five times because you’re curious about different subjects, that’s awesome.

This significant choice comes with an incredible path of opportunity. The chance to be on your own and learn what you want to do in the future. Making the choice can be nerve-wracking as you don’t know what will come of it. As someone whose college experience is wrapping up soon, I’m here to tell you that your college experience is what you make of it. So do something you love! And know that it’s okay if that changes or if you make mistakes. Try new things, go to new places, and make new friends. Make it a good time even if you’re not quite sure what you’re doing because TBH no one does.

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