You know you did brunch right when you find yourself tipsy on a Sunday morning with your best gal pals. To top it off, you find yourself in a daytime bar, stripping your clothes off to jump into a chocolate syrup filled pool to wrestle a bunch of strangers. As I was getting my head dunked into syrup I thought to myself, "I definitely did brunch right this week."

This actually happened to me. It was kinda and not kinda planned really because we didn't know what to expect. I saw a flyer as I walked out of my yoga class for a "Chocolate Syrup Wrestling Party" at one of my favorite bars in Downtown Oakland. Predictably, I texted all my friends and told them we were going, no excuses. Of course some of them were against the idea completely and suggested that it sounded like an orgy. "Pffft orgy? Girl you're overthinking it." Turns out it was kinda true but we'll get to that later.

I'm a girl of routine, and my routine was brunch every Sunday at the same food joint with my friends. After brunch we made our way to the bar that was hosting the event. I purposely wore heels that day and dressed super cute because I was skeptical about the event. We checked it out anyways.

We arrived to the bar and the bouncer immediately greeted us, asked us if we were there to wrestle. Still skeptical, I said yes and asked if I could take a little peek inside the bar before actually deciding to attend the event. Mind you I have never heard or been to an event like this before so when I saw a inflatable pool full of syrup and a standby hoser I was freaking impressed.

I have a bad case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), I tend to regret a lot of activities I don't participate in. It's terrible. I have a disease (I am kidding) but of course the heels didn't hold me back. I slipped out of that cute outfit and right into that pool with the reigning champion of the most recent round.

I swear people trained for this. This girl was wearing a sports bra, athletically built and was really into pulling me into a head lock. I on the other hand mastered the arts of slipping out of people's grasp by imitating what my snake does, slither. This event happens every year and each year more people go. The winner gets a huge trophy, like a legit trophy. No wonder people got competitive.

I wrestled one woman and paired up with a partner to take down someone else. My friends are the best because they drunkenly recorded everything. In all the videos I'm a hot mess covered in chocolate but way too happy to care about how I looked. That was the first and last time I wish to be hosed down by someone in public.

Returning to how things got kind of weird. There was one point during the event I was sitting in the chocolate pool with my opponents. I guess the feeling of slippery chocolate got people in a MOOD. It probably didn't help that most of us weren't wearing pants. I swear I did though! Thankfully, my guardian angel friends grabbed my drunk booty out of there and gave me pizza for all my hard work.