If you were born between the years 1995-2005, then you have been THRIVING in 2019. Late last year there were some rumors that the Jonas Brothers were getting the band back together. Back in February they confirmed the rumors and announced that they would be releasing new music together as a band. When they announced their reunion as a band, fans, including me, went crazy. Sure the Jonas Brothers made some major bops, but don't forget their iconic Disney Channel Show "Jonas." Granted, their acting wasn't exactly Oscar-worthy but at least they included Frankie (their little brother) in that.

After the Jonas Brothers released their single "Sucker," people were eager to re-live their childhood, and celebs noticed that. 2019 will be the 13th anniversary of "Hannah Montana," so it was only fitting that Miley Cyrus decided to cut and color her hair just like the iconic Hannah Montana wig, but that's not even the best part. Miley decided that she would show her new throwback look to the world by singing along to the Hannah Montana theme song, "Best of Both Worlds."

Around the same time as Miley's, or should I say Hannah's, comeback; Drake Bell let it slip that he and Josh Peck were talking about reviving "Drake & Josh"! Drake said that this new show won't be exactly like the original "Drake & Josh," he says it will be more adult but really funny. think I might be the most excited about this comeback. Last year when Josh Peck got married there was some not so passive aggressive backlash after he failed to invite Drake Bell to his wedding, and Drake let it be known that he was upset about the situation. I don't know about you but I definitely felt some type of way while they were fighting, but luckily they worked it out. Maybe the fight was for the best because without it, Drake and Josh may never have rekindled their friendship or the show.

Do you believe in magic? Because Aly & AJ are also making a comeback in 2019. The duo has appeared here and there in the T.V. industry but they haven't released music in years, until last month. The sisters dropped their new single Church late last month, and not many people saw it coming. Most of us think of "Potential Break Up Song" or "Like Woah" when we hear Aly & AJ, but just like the Jonas Brothers, this new music they are releasing is different from what we are used to, and that's a good thing. These artists aren't 18 years old anymore, so they're not going to make music like they did when they were 18. These artists are maturing, and you can hear it in their music.

So far 2019 has made me feel old, but it has also brought back so many great memories. I remember jamming out to "Potential Break Up Song" because 10 years old me knew what heartbreak was; or my friends and I laughing as we planned our weddings with the Jonas brothers while we watched Hannah Montana, wishing we could be her. I'm sure most of you also had similar memories, but as great as these memories are I hope the rest of 2019 brings new and even better memories.