2019 Is Officially The Year We Get To Relive Our Mid-2000s Childhoods

2019 Is Officially The Year We Get To Relive Our Mid-2000s Childhoods

Just a few months into 2019 and the nostalgia is back with a vengeance.


If you were born between the years 1995-2005, then you have been THRIVING in 2019. Late last year there were some rumors that the Jonas Brothers were getting the band back together. Back in February they confirmed the rumors and announced that they would be releasing new music together as a band. When they announced their reunion as a band, fans, including me, went crazy. Sure the Jonas Brothers made some major bops, but don't forget their iconic Disney Channel Show "Jonas." Granted, their acting wasn't exactly Oscar-worthy but at least they included Frankie (their little brother) in that.

After the Jonas Brothers released their single "Sucker," people were eager to re-live their childhood, and celebs noticed that. 2019 will be the 13th anniversary of "Hannah Montana," so it was only fitting that Miley Cyrus decided to cut and color her hair just like the iconic Hannah Montana wig, but that's not even the best part. Miley decided that she would show her new throwback look to the world by singing along to the Hannah Montana theme song, "Best of Both Worlds."

Around the same time as Miley's, or should I say Hannah's, comeback; Drake Bell let it slip that he and Josh Peck were talking about reviving "Drake & Josh"! Drake said that this new show won't be exactly like the original "Drake & Josh," he says it will be more adult but really funny. think I might be the most excited about this comeback. Last year when Josh Peck got married there was some not so passive aggressive backlash after he failed to invite Drake Bell to his wedding, and Drake let it be known that he was upset about the situation. I don't know about you but I definitely felt some type of way while they were fighting, but luckily they worked it out. Maybe the fight was for the best because without it, Drake and Josh may never have rekindled their friendship or the show.

Do you believe in magic? Because Aly & AJ are also making a comeback in 2019. The duo has appeared here and there in the T.V. industry but they haven't released music in years, until last month. The sisters dropped their new single Church late last month, and not many people saw it coming. Most of us think of "Potential Break Up Song" or "Like Woah" when we hear Aly & AJ, but just like the Jonas Brothers, this new music they are releasing is different from what we are used to, and that's a good thing. These artists aren't 18 years old anymore, so they're not going to make music like they did when they were 18. These artists are maturing, and you can hear it in their music.

So far 2019 has made me feel old, but it has also brought back so many great memories. I remember jamming out to "Potential Break Up Song" because 10 years old me knew what heartbreak was; or my friends and I laughing as we planned our weddings with the Jonas brothers while we watched Hannah Montana, wishing we could be her. I'm sure most of you also had similar memories, but as great as these memories are I hope the rest of 2019 brings new and even better memories.

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Looking Back At My Past

When I moved out of my dad's house at 18, I learned several life lessons the hard way. It was an uphill battle to figure out "adulting." I hope this will give some people the ability to learn certain things without going down the hard path.


Life has a way of teaching lessons when you are overwhelmed. The more you are exposed to, the easier it is to learn these lessons. This article goes into what I wish I knew when I first got onto my own. There were many struggles, hardships and tough times you go through when you start your walk of life alone. But with it comes victories, and the knowledge of being able to get through anything. I hope when people read this article they will see what I put as a priority to learn when you become independent.

1. Money!

Learn how to budget! Learn how you're bank works, learn about taxes. Yes these seem like boring subjects, but money, or the lack thereof, can and will make your life miserable. This is something that many adults have trouble with, and it will put stress onto you. Just taking an afternoon to learn about what you need to do for your money needs will reduce stress.

2. Make at least one friend at the place you live.

The first apartment complex I lived at, I met a (I think) 45-50 year old man. I will not actually say his name but for this purpose his name is "Tim". Tim had lived in that complex for about 20 years, and he knew the staff and the residents. If I needed help or someone to talk to. He was more of a father figure than a creepy old guy. I was new to the town, living by myself, in the middle ground between a couple of in-town gangs. I needed all the help I could get, and when you have a connection it helps.

3. Know the differences between needs and wants.

Figure out your needs: food, rent, utilities. This type of thing ties into money and time. Do not invest too much time in people that are not good for you. Invest your time in your interests, hobbies, things that make you content. When you put your time in someone who at the end isn't worth it, it will occupy your mind months after they are gone.

4. Stay in contact with your family. 

My family is pretty distant to each other. We could probably go a year without talking and it wouldn't bug me. My mom and I have gotten close recently. Generally the 'after high school' years. My mom has helped me through hard times, she has leaded me an ear, or some tough advice. Yes we've had our hard times, but there are many things that I have learned from her. I understand that once you get out on your own, it is easy to stop talking to them; especially if you had a rough time growing up. A story for another time, but if you can stay in contact even if it's as little as a text from now and then. Family is something that is hard to replace once they are gone.

5. The way life teaches lessons. 

Life will teach lessons easy at first, then they will get harder to learn as we get older. An example of this is keeping your room clean as a child, then when you have an apartment. There is more cleaning to do. If you add kids and a house to that, it's even harder. My mom has an odd way of explaining this lesson. "It's like getting hit with a 2x4." The lesson first hits you, and it's small like a golf ball. Then the baseball hits you if you didn't learn before. Before you know it you get hit by a 2x4 and the lesson will hurt in someway. So please learn it before you get hit with a 2x4.

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