Many universities don't offer a lot of food choices in their student unions. Some schools have different chain restaurants, and others only have cafeteria style food.

Here at West Virginia University, a lot of different food options are offered to students throughout their three campuses. The restaurants include chains such as Which Wich, Tazikis, Hugh Baby's, and, of course, Chick-fil-A. Every day when the lunch rush hits, every student on the downtown campus enters the Mountainlair Student Union and bravely waits in one of the three mile long lines to Chick-fil-A without realizing all of the better options around them.

Yes, Chick-fil-a offers good food, but eating it day after day gets tiring.

It is very greasy chicken and French fries which makes, me at least, break out. I can barely eat it anymore without risking a couple zits the next few days.

Everywhere has chicken and fries to offer that are just as good, Chick-fil-A has just been so hyped up over recent years that everyone has to have it. Wasting your whole lunch break waiting in line for food you can get anywhere isn't the smartest of ideas.

It's understandable that some people didn't grow up with a Chick-fil-A five minutes from their home and want to eat it a lot, but eating a lot can help speed up the Freshman Fifteen.

From personal experience, when I was a freshman, I ate Chick-fil-A almost every day for a month straight because it was what I used to and I was basically getting it for free. Over time of eating it every day, I gained my fifteen pounds in the first month of college, as it happens to a lot of other freshman who continuously eat Chick-fil-a every day.

When it comes to having a meal plan in college, save yourself the trouble by getting out of your comfort zone and eat new things rather than sticking to what you"re used to.

Also, eat better some days for your health's sake. It'll help in the long run.