Chicago's 12 Different Seasons Defined
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Chicago's 12 Different Seasons Defined

You are wrong if you think Chicago has the four traditional seasons

Chicago's 12 Different Seasons Defined

As a child you learned the many different seasons and what they all had in store and overtime developed a favorite season yourself, whether that be winter, spring, summer or fall. When you live in a city like Chicago, you know for yourself this is a fat lie. There are no four distinct seasons as the weather is bipolar in Chicago. In fact, 12 different seasons of weather are found in Chicago. Here are the 12 different seasons that Chicago has:

1. Winter: (Early December-End of February)

The coldest stretch of weather is winter in Chicago. This is the time of the year when the sun rises as you commute to work and by 4:30pm, darkness hits. When it snows residents calls DIBS for their parking spot. Although it is too cold to do many of the outdoor activities, the views of the icy Lake Michigan and the Chicago River are spectacular.

2. Fool's Spring (Late Febuary- Mid or Late March)

This season tends to flucuate depending on how mild or cold Chicago's winter was like. Spring does not officialy begin until the 3rd week of March, but with longer days, the temperature climbing into the 40's and 50's, you will see many Chicagoans out and about more than winter. Some special events include St. Patrick's Day when the river is dyed green. You will see those heavy winter jackets be put away for lighter jackets and hoodies.

3. Third Winter (Approximatly Mid March- Early or Mid April)

You have been fooled. You may have thought you would not have to wear your heavy winter jacket and boots. But when a suprise snow storm or weeklong cold snap comes you dig deep into your closet to find them. After a few weeks of warmer temperature this one will definetly feel cold, but don't worry it is often short-lived.

4. The Pollening  (Early April- Late April)

Now that the temperatures have warmed up enough it is time to forget about the snow. The pollening is when there are frequent rain storms and you see the trees starting to blossom their rich dark green leaves. The temperature is warm enough to wear a sweater or even a tee-shirt, but in the night it gets cool so it is best to have multiple layers if out and about for an entire day. Don't forget the umbrella!

5. Actual Spring  (Early May- Late May)

Like they say, April showers bring May flowers. It is the time of the year to enjoy the city before it gets too hot. It is ideal for dining out al fresco, taking a stroll through downtown or even catching a ball game at Wrigley Field. Summer is just around the corner, and although the water may be a little to cold for swimming, the lake temperature is warming up just in time for summer.

6. Summer (Early June- Mid July)

Memorial day is the unofficial start of summer, and the start of street festivals in Chicago. You will have the Blues Festival and the Taste of Chicago during this time and as well as the Fourth of July Firework Show Navy Pier puts on. This time of the year is when summer is in its fullest. Long summer nights that last well into 8pm and the sun rising around the 5am hour is when summer is here. There will be many Chicagoans at the beach wearing flip flops, t-shirts and shorts.

7. Hell's Front Porch (Mid July- End of August)

This is known as the dog days of summer. The stiffling heat and humidy takes a beating and you are tired of sweating for those who do not enjoy summer. The air conditioning is on full blast and you wake up feeling sweaty. This is also the time of the year when other festivals like Lollapalooza takes place. You most often rely on the lake and the many fountains to cool down.

8. False Fall (Late August or Early September-Mid September)

This short three weekish season you being to notice how the days are not as hot and the sun is starting to set much more earlier. You will feel this cold wind and the evenings and early mornings are fresh. In fact, you might even need a sweater. This is the time of the year when the Bears begin to play football and when the children are back in school. You might think summer has ended and fall has began.

9. Second Summer (Mid to Late September- Early October)

This other three weekish season has summer dominating and having one final season before fall takes over. Often times you may have to bust out those shorts and have that final barbeque with family and friends before it is time to say goodbye to summer. Often times the days will be warm and the nights since they are shorter will be cool and a sweater is needed.

10. Actual Fall (Early October-End of November)

It is that time of the year for sweater weather. You will enjoy wearing your boots with your sweater and pumpkin spice latte. It is also the time of the year when the Chicago Marathon happens and you see runners racing. Other events include Halloween and Thanksgiving. Enjoy the fall while it lasts because winter is coming again.

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