Really, what is love? Is it the complete trust you have with your partner? Is the quick pounding in your chest when you see your crush walking towards you? Or is it all just fate, where the two of you are Romeo and Juliet, meant to be together forever and ever. And of course, lets not forget the other type of love, *ahem* ahem *wink *wink.

Well, the hell if I know what love is. That goes for the general population on Earth as well, I mean, why do we date? Seriously. Dating is like playing chess, you carefully think through every piece your going to play, and fear that the next move that you make will cost you and eventually you will lose. That's if you panic and don't plan out your moves well. Each moves counts, taking risks are necessary to win. The end goal to winning may be different for many people, it could be just getting laid or actually winning the heart of your crush. If your really good at the game, you may think that chess is no different than playing a game of tic tac toe. When you get to this level, you become quite the player.

Everybody is insecure about the subject of dating, even the f***boys and sluts. It's just a matter of how many times they just toss/win the game and start over with a new player. Losing the compassion to win creates a crappy game; no one has fun. Playing a game with people who don't care is a waste of your time and efforts. There's nothing to gain from them but disappointment. There our plenty of players out there, it's just a matter of finding someone who is fun to keep playing with and who cares.

Finding someone to date can be hard, and being a good player is not as easy as it may seem. Each move is calculated and planned out, and when the risks get high, there is even more concentration. With great rick comes a great reward. Winning too much may label you as a top player, but people don't want to play with someone that will easily win, especially if the person that wins intends to move on to the next player. There is a requirement of care with each person you meet by flirting and going out with them. Stick to a good game plan until the very end.

To keep on playing this game of chess, (a.k.a. dating), you will become a better player over time. If your goal is to play with as many players as you can, then you will have a lot of experience and most likely keep winning; as long as you are smart with the moves you make. If your are more of an introvert and don't like playing this chess game, then you may have a more difficult time on being familiar with how to win. It comes down to sharpening your skills to be more strategic in order to win with whatever your end goal is in the relationship.

With every game, show respect and compassion to the other player; there is nothing better than having an enthusiastic player that will make your time worth while. Maybe even for the rest of your life. Good luck to all of you players out there, and remember to have fun.