Growing up, I was fascinated with Cher. I would listen to her music at the age of eight. I even dressed up as her for Halloween one year. "If I Turn Back Time" and "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves" were always echoing through the house from the basement where I would dance around and perform my own concerts.

As I grew older, Cher definitely didn't leave my household.

One year my mom got me a book all about her life and it was filled with photos of her, stories about Sonny and how she got to fame. I always wanted to know more about her and just like everyone else, I was obsessed with her outfits and style. The confidence she carried no matter how scandalous of an outfit she was in, was always remarkable to me.

I learned later in life that Cher has actually been in quite a few movies that I had never seen before and even won awards for her performance in a lot of them. So, one Christmas when I was in high school, my mom and I bought all the movies and we watched all of them with the fam on Christmas day. It was awesome!

I've always loved her outlook on men as well. If you Google "Cher quotes," over half of them have to do with men and women being independent. I always admired that she knew men weren't a necessity for her life, but she was still able to love Sonny with everything she had. Their relationship really was one of a kind despite Cher's opinions on men.

The best part about Cher is that my mom, dad, and sister all love her as well. It's very cool that we can all connect in that aspect. We are three different generations, but yet when it comes to Cher, you'd have no idea. My mom, sister and I went to her second farewell tour, "Dressed to Kill" when I was sixteen. It was the first, and what I thought was the last time, I'd see her in concert. But on February 10, we saw to her third farewell tour, "Here We Go Again Tour" for my birthday and it was incredible.

The fact that she's seventy-two and still creates great hits, can do a 5-minute plank, and can wear the same outfit she wore in 1989 is mind-blowing. Cher truly is a legend and will always be someone that I admire and look up to.