The 5 Cheesiest Rom-Com Movies To Watch On Netflix During Your Winter Holiday Break

The 5 Cheesiest Rom-Com Movies To Watch On Netflix During Your Winter Holiday Break

The sappier the better.


OK so I don't know about y'all but school breaks are where I kick it into gear with my Netflix binge-watching.

This year Netflix has some extra cheesy movies that you can queue up and get way too invested in. From holiday movies to rom-coms Netflix has really outdone themselves. I've become quite the movie watcher lately and I know this break I'm going to rewatch all of these corny classics that made it to the small screen.

Here are 5 of the cheesiest movies to waste way too much time watching during the break.

1. "A Christmas Prince"

I had to start with this. A young New York City journalist gets to report the story of a lifetime when she goes undercover in the beautiful and fictional Aldovia castle. Our journalist, Amber, pretends to be a tutor for the princess to spy on the soon-to-be dashing King, Prince Richard. She gets into some trouble, including getting called out on pretending to be the princess' school tutor and having her horse run away from her. But don't worry, it all ends happy and merry.

2. "The Kissing Booth"

Girl has a crush on her best friends off-limits brother, under a misunderstanding kisses him in a kissing booth - and here we are. Predictable and cheesy yet I couldn't look away.

3. "The Holiday Calendar"

Kat Graham is in this so I had to watch because of Bonnie Bennett, WYA Vampire Diaries fans?? Anyways, this movie is about a girl named Abby who doesn't know exactly what she's doing, she's working as a Christmas photographer taking photos of kids with Santa but this is not where she wants her career to go. When her grandpa gifts her an Advent calendar that her grandma once said was magical, Abby starts to think she's going crazy and it actually has magical powers.

4. "To All The Boys I've Loved Before"

Everyone needs a Peter Kavinsky. I don't know if I would classify this movie as cheesy but it's my favorite sappy Netflix movie so there's that. There's more than 1 book, so @ Netflix where's that sequel?

5. "Another Cinderella Story"

A 2008 Disney classic. A dancey twist on "A Cinderella Story," but this will never compare to that. Mary has dreams of becoming a dancer and somehow meets Joey a celeb returning to school for his senior year, the glass slipper is changed to a Zune.

There's are all streaming on Netflix, so get to binging!

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43 SpongeBob Quotes To Use In Everyday Conversation

No context needed. We all remember these SpongeBob quotes.

SpongeBob quotes are so universal that they never get old. That's because "SpongeBob SquarePants" is the one TV show that we are all guilty of watching and have absolutely no regrets every time we turn it on.

Most of us are no longer children, which is why our parents sometimes get that confused look on their faces when they see us watching "SpongeBob SquarePants." But you know what? "SpongeBob" is by far one of the funniest shows of our generation and the characters are some of the greatest. The best part about "SpongeBob," without a doubt, is the iconic quotes that we all still use in our daily language. With too many to count, here are some favorite "SpongeBob" quotes, from ones that all fans should know, to ones we use every day.

1. “Firmly grasp it in your hand.”

2. “Ha ha ha ha, it’s a giraffe.”

3. “CHOCOLATE!!!!”

4. “Well, it’s no secret that the best thing about a secret is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby, secretly adding another secret to their secret collection of secret, secretly.”

5. “Do you smell it? That smell, the kind of smelly smell. A smelly smell that smells... smelly.”

6. “Patrick, I don’t think Wumbo is a real word.”

"Come on. You know, I wumbo, you wumbo, he/she/me wumbo. Wombology, the study of wumbo! It’s first grade Spongebob!”

7. "I don't get it. I made my house a mess, which was making it clean, which made Squidward clean my yard, but that really means he's messing it up. But the opposite of clean is filth, which means filth is clean, that means Squidward is really making my yard a wreck, but I normally wreck my own yard which means, Squidward is being the opposite of Squidward which means he's Spongebob!"

8. “Is Mayonnaise an instrument?”

9. “F is for fire that burns down the whole town, U is for Uranium…bombs! N is for no survivors!”

10. “You don’t need a license to drive a sandwich.”

11. “The best time to wear a striped sweater…is all the time.”

12. “Once there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died… the end.”

13. “My leg!”

14. “It took three days to make that potato salad…three days!!!”

15. “Can I be excused for the rest of my life?”

16. "Can I get some extra salt?"

“We're all out.”

Could you check?”


17. "Patrick, you're a genius!"

"Yeah, I get called that a lot."

"What? A genius?"

"No, Patrick."

18. "Oh, these aren't homemade. They were made in a factory... a bomb factory. They're bombs."

19. “You just CAN'T WAIT for me to die, can you?”

20. “Do instruments of torture count?”

21. “Hello, we’re with the pet hospital down the street, and I understand you have a dying animal on the premises."

22. “Hey Patrick, I thought of something funnier than 24… 25!”

23. “We should take Bikini Bottom and push it somewhere else!”

24. "Is this the Krusty Krab?"

"No! This is Patrick!"

25. “The Krusty Krab pizza is the pizza for you and me.”

26. “This is a load of barnacles…”

27. “Now he’s gonna kick my butt!”

28. "This is not your average, everyday darkness. This is... ADVANCED darkness."

29. “Too bad Spongebob isn't here to enjoy Spongebob not being here.”

30. “Remember, licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets."

31. “I’m not just ready, I’m ready Freddy!”

“It’s Larry…”

32. “I’ll have you know that I stubbed by toe last week and only cried for 20 minutes.”

33. “Hey Patrick what am I now?”


“No! I’m Texas!"

"What's the difference?"

34. "Patrick, don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?"

“Not until 4.”

35. “Are you Squidward now? ... That’s okay take your time.”

36. “Who are you people?!”

37. “Squidward that’s not the peace treaty, that’s a copy of the peace treaty.”

38. "What's your name son?"

"Name? Uhh, beef wellington."

"No your name."

"Uhh, fork on the left?"

39. "Ravioli Ravioli, give me the formuoli."

40. “Are you open?"

"Read the sign..."

“...l’ll have a Krabby Patty Deluxe and some double chili kelp fries.”


42. “My sandwich tastes like a fried boot."

“My sandwich is a fried boot!”

43. “Too bad that didn’t kill me.”

Cover Image Credit: Wikipedia

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Studio Ghibli Is Better Than Disney, And It Is Everything My Childhood Was Missing

Disney's still good, though.


Upon beginning my college career, I made several new friends who all had a passion for one thing: "Spirited Away."

Apparently, I am one of the select few who missed out on watching "Spirited Away" as a kid. Somehow, between my devotion to "Spongebob Squarepants" and "Courage the Cowardly Dog," I managed to miss the several screenings of this famous Studio Ghibli film on Cartoon Network. And apparently, that was a grievous mistake.

This mistake was remedied almost immediately during my first year, as one of my friends found the film as quickly as possible and played it on the big flat-screen in our residence hall's lounge.

After my first viewing, I agreed with her. I really, really missed out as a kid.

And Studio Ghibli is better than Disney.

"Spirited Away" is an animated movie with such serious and heartfelt underlying themes, you simply cannot dismiss it as a mere cartoon. The art style—a beloved aspect of Studio Ghibli's films—is gorgeous, and the characters are beyond lovable. One of them, No-Face, is probably familiar—if nothing else, I've seen people dressed up as this character in viral videos and on Halloween. Anyway, "Spirited Away" caught my interest, and I decided that I'd delve even deeper into the film company's works.

It took a while, but eventually, my friends and I procured copies of "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Princess Mononoke," and my Studio Ghibli journey continued. I remembered having seen images and characters from "My Neighbor Totoro" since middle school, but the movie was anything but what I expected.

That's one thing that makes Studio Ghibli so great: they take incredibly serious issues and emotions and make them accessible to young viewers. Arguably, Disney has begun to do the same thing with movies like "Inside Out" and "WALL-E" (both fantastic films), but every single one of the Studio Ghibli movies I've watched so far has had some incredible, hard-hitting message. I wish I'd grown up with the message sent by Princess Mononoke regarding industrialization and its effect on and relationship with nature.

Instead, I grew up watching Snow White get kissed out of a poison-induced coma by some guy who gets to do that stuff cause he's a prince. The damsel saved by a somewhat creepy male authority figure once again. Hooray.

Don't get me wrong—I watch Disney movies all the time. Every time a new one comes out, I do my best to go see it in the theater (toting along my little siblings so it seems like an act of kindness instead of a weird obsession with children's movies, of course). My argument here is not that Disney is bad, but that Studio Ghibli is just that good. Truly iconic.

Honestly, I'm writing this after a weekend of Studio Ghibli binge-watching, which is probably biasing me in favor of the film company's work, but it really is amazing. Over the weekend, I rewatched "Spirited Away" and "Princess Mononoke," and then viewed "Howl's Moving Castle" (a real gem) and "When Marnie Was There" (a very strange yet satisfying movie) for the first time. I have come to the conclusion now that Studio Ghibli is incapable of disappointing me.

When I have children of my own, they will most certainly grow up on a mix of Studio Ghibli and Disney so they really get that well-rounded childhood I deserved and did not receive.

Spread the word. Save a life.

Studio Ghibli films are a must-watch.

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