I No Longer Miss High School, But I Still Want To Put On My Cheer Uniform Again

I No Longer Miss High School, But I Still Want To Put On My Cheer Uniform Again

I took it from nostalgia to actually missing the sport.


Although it doesn't feel like it, I graduated high school almost two years ago. I absolutely loved everything about my high school experience: clubs and organizations, leadership roles, my friends, my class (#ForeverL17), my teachers, and being a cheerleader.

I'll be the first to admit it: I missed high school so much my first semester of college. I missed the comfort and familiarity it brought me. I missed having a solid group of friends I could make plans with all the time. I missed being at home with my family. And of course, I missed cheer. I started cheering when I was in 7th grade, so it was definitely an adjustment to stop doing something I had been doing for the last six years.

At first, the missing cheer was more of a nostalgia thing than truly missing the sport itself. So many friendships and memories came from being on the cheer team, so I think I was trying to cling to those rather than missing being on the sidelines to cheer on the football or basketball team.

Despite my efforts to stay in touch with teammates and go back home to support the team as an alum, I soon realized that the chapter had really been closed and it was time to declare it all memories. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy going back to watch the cheer team on the sidelines to cheer on the football and basketball teams or on the mat as they show off their skills in their competition routine, but my motive in doing that has changed. I just enjoy watching the games and supporting them from the stands.

Now that I'm two years post-graduation, aka two years post-cheerleader, I really do miss the sport itself.

I miss being on the sidelines. I love going to college sporting events, but it's really different being in the stands instead of down where all the action is happening.

I miss being a part of creating the fan experience. I loved making game plans and routines that involved the crowd. Now I'm on the receiving end of things.

I miss performing. After all the time and hard work we put into a routine, there was no better feeling than hitting it perfectly in front of the crowd at a game or competition. It made all the blood, sweat, and tears far beyond worth it.

I miss learning new skills. A close second to that feeling of hitting a perfect routine was perfecting a new stunt sequence with your stunt group or conquering a mental block with a new tumbling pass.

I even find myself actually missing the things I never thought I would.

I miss the early morning practices. They taught me self-discipline to actually get up and go after the things I wanted.

I miss the workouts. They kept me in shape. Now, I'm a full-time college student who never has time to workout anymore.

I miss the bus rides to away games and competitions. They forced me to take a break from my studies and spend time with friends.

I miss being told "one more full out" at the end of practice. Pushing through the pure exhaustion and being ready to go home taught me how to keep giving it my all no matter what was thrown at me.

With all of the friendships, memories, and life lessons cheer brought into my life, I know that my time with cheer is up. But what I'd give to put on that uniform to cheer on the sidelines one more time... do one more stunt sequence... one more tumbling pass... one last routine...

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9 Things We All Did In Middle School During The 2000s

We're all guilty of it.

Middle school. The most embarrassing years of my life. I look back at my pictures and just wonder why in the world would I do that? Why did I look like that? How did someone let me do that? But to be honest, I wouldn't want it any other way because I wouldn't have something to look back on today. Just about every middle school girl can relate to this:

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1. Getting "married"

I don't know about you but I took my "marriage" very seriously. We had a 25 cent ring and everything. We called each other "wifey's" to top it all off. Believe it or not, we even had a wedding video. It was pretty legit. Then I found out she was also married to another friend in our friend group. It was a sad breakup but we worked through it and she's my best friend to this day.

2. Duck lips

The legendary duck lips. The bigger the lips the better. I went through a phase where I don't think I ever took a picture with my teeth showing. Why did we think this was cool? I wish I knew.

3. Atrocious wardrobe

Sophie shorts ring a bell? I think I had one in at least every color. Oh and don't forget about my soccer ball ones that I just HAD to wear to soccer practice. What about tying your shirt to the side or tucking in the front of your t-shirt to your shorts? For some reason, this was a long-running style. I am not sure how.

4. Forward messages

Those messages were so annoying yet fun. If I didn't forward those I swear I thought something was actually going to happen to me.

5. Learning everything on the bus

From bad words to inappropriate anything. You learned what things were and where things came from. I learned more things on the bus than I ever did in school.

6. Festivals

They were the best thing to do on a summer weekend. You couldn't miss it. Although no on really rode the rides or played games. It was basically a giant get together for your side of town with a bunch of middle school drama.

7. Awkward mirror selfies

Don't lie, we've all taken them at some point.

8. Edited pictures

There were edited pictures with irrelevant words surrounding our faces. Or writing the words "BFF's" around it to make sure everyone knew that you guys were best friends. At some points, I would actually have people like my status for me to make them an edited picture. Consider yourself lucky if you didn't. Pic Monkey was my life.

9. Webcam pictures

What're you doing tonight? Oh, just taking pics on my webcam.

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Cover Image Credit: Olivia Wessel

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Giannis Antetokounmpo And Christian Yelich Have Put Milwaukee Back On The Map

Two small market teams making sure the world knows who they are


"MVP" is currently being chanted around the city of Milwaukee and the people of Milwaukee aren't just talking about one person. Giannis Antetokounmpo, a forward for the Milwaukee Bucks and Christian Yelich, an outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers. Giannis is on the path to winning this year's NBA MVP and Yelich, who happened to win the NL MVP last year, is showing no doubts on potentially becoming this year's MVP as well.

Both the Bucks and the Brewers have struggled in the past few years. The Bucks finished their 2013-2014 season with a record of 15-67. On top of that, they have been playing in the BMO Harris Bradley Center for the past couple of decades. The Bradley Center was intentionally built for hockey and not basketball so attending games for the Bucks sometimes had you in the nosebleeds barely seeing what was going on on the court. The Bucks struggled after their 2013-2014 season with records of 41-41 (2014-2015) and 33-49 (2015-2016). Now, the Bucks have recently finished their regular season and moved to the playoffs. From 15-67 just five years ago, to now 60-22 which gave them the best record in the NBA, the number one seed in the East and home-court advantage, Giannis has proved himself as potentially one of the greatest players the NBA and the Bucks franchise will ever see.

The Bucks now have a new arena that opened this season, Fiserv Forum, which is built specifically for the Bucks (and Marquette) instead of hockey. Looking back on the Bucks in their previous years compared to now, the Bucks have sold out every single game this season. Something Milwaukee never thought they would see from being a small market team. From my experience, while working for the Bucks, you can see the difference in the crowd and feel their enthusiasm and excitement radiating off of the fans. And this is all thanks to Mr. Antetokounmpo who is making his mark here in Milwaukee. Giannis has won Eastern Conference Player of the Month for October/November, December, February and March/April and even earned his spot as Eastern Conference captain for the All-Star game this year. Giannis may be considered in his prime right now, but he is only 24-years-old which means he has plenty of time to only make himself better.

The Brewers had won the NL Central Divison back in 2011 but lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Championship Series. After that, they struggled a bit and haven't won the title since until last year in 2018. He brought the Brewers to the NLCS last season, but unfortunately, they lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Yelich had 36 home runs last season and already has eight (as of 4/16/19) this season. He happens to be a great right fielder as well. In last night's (4/15/19) game against the Cardinals, Yelich alone scored three home runs.

Miller Park has been filling up more and more each game of Brewers fans. Being a small market team like their cross-city friends, the Bucks, bringing home an MVP title as well as a division title, it makes everyone aware of their greatness and dedication. The season may have just started back up again, but there is no doubt, if Yelich and his teammates keep playing like they are right now, they will have another shot of making it to the World Series.

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Christian Yelich have brought and will continue to bring excitement and greatness to Milwaukee which is something the city hasn't seen in a while. This era of sports will surely be remembered for a long time by the people of Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

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