1. Rebekah Dahl-Scarborough, Kristina Sullivan, and Cay Taylor

These women are the definition of bombshell talents. From the moment you meet them at the door or witness them take the stage, you will be captivated by the outstanding presence they each have. You won't find quicker wit or kinder spirits than in this bunch. They're each such intriguing individuals that complement each other so well.

2. Brad Scarborough and Luke Wrobel

These guys have such a relaxed air onstage which, in addition to both of their wild vocal ranges, makes for fantastic performances and an endearing bromance. The tone of these men's voices alone elicit a standing ovation. Brad exudes cool and with one look Luke has the room roaring in laughter.

3. The Band

Glenn Sharp leads an incredible team of artists that arrange fantastic music for every show. It blends seamlessly and creates the perfect sound for this intimate space. The personal relationship between vocalists and the band is obvious. They trust one another, and boy does it show.

4. The Jams

The music they choose for each show is always a good mixture of classics, the ones you'll be singing on your drive home, and a few underrated pieces that are somehow even more captivating. Sometimes they'll even join the two in one of their iconic mash-ups. At Christmas time, one of my favorite Music Box traditions, they join Beatles' tunes and Holiday classics. They do incredible work and in turn you get to hear incredible music. It's a total win-win, my friends.

5. The Mom and Pop Shop

Rebekah and Brad own the place and are the "mom and pop" respectively. They're married with a sweet son, who is reason enough to follow their Facebook and Instagram. Kristina and Luke are also married. All five of the vocalists have been friends for years and their sweet friendships only add to the chemistry they share onstage. As Rebekah always says, "It's like Olive Garden, but without the bread-sticks."

6. The Laughs

All of their scripted content include hilarious story-lines and characters, but it's their individual personalities that make your cheeks hurt from smiling. From improvised one-liners to their meticulously organized 7-Minute Musicals, they're natural comedians and some of the best Houston can offer you. It's genuinely entertaining comedy that's still wholesome and fun for the whole family.

7. The Heart

Once you get the Music Box bug, you won't be able to shake it. You will find yourself coming back time and time again because it feels like home filled with the most incredible people. Each show will feel more and more like you're hanging out in a friend's living room listening to their favorite songs, because in many ways you are.