1. Gulf Shores, Alabama


This place is seriously amazing. To get a beach house with 10 of your closest friends doesn't break the bank. Also, it doesn't hurt that the entire SEC has the same spring break dates, so you can mingle with schools from all over. If you go, be sure to visit The Hangout, an amazingly fun restaurant right on the beach that has live music most nights.

2. Destin, Florida


A classic spring break destination. With cheap beach condos and Airbnbs, it's a no brainer to spend your spring break here. And if you get bored of Destin, you can hop over to Scenic Highway 30A, home to some of the cutest beach towns around (one of which, Seaside, was where The Truman Show was filmed).

3. Fort Lauderdale, Florida


This place has become a college spring break destination in recent years. Expect crazy parties on the beach a la Panama City Beach and thousands of college students stuffed into cheap hotels. Maybe this isn't the most relaxing place for a spring break, but you're sure to have fun.

4. Asheville, North Carolina


If you're looking for a more relaxed spring break experience, this is definitely the place for you. Asheville is home to the Biltmore, a gigantic mansion built by the Vanderbilts, and a bustling downtown, not to mention beautiful mountains (with lots of cheap cabin Airbnbs ;) ).

5. Savannah, Georgia


Savannah is home to beautiful historic buildings, amazing shopping, and great views. Right on the water, it will enchant you and entertain you!

6. South Padre Island, Texas


Again, a spring break destination that's not going to be the most relaxing, but will definitely be fun. And it gives you an excuse to go to Texas.

7. Charleston, South Carolina


Charleston is Savannah-esque, but has its own unique charm. You can visit the ginormous open-air market on Market Street, shop 'til you drop on King Street, and stroll around Battery Park.

8. Hilton Head, South Carolina


Another relaxing trip, Hilton Head is sure to put you in the right mood. Sometimes sleepy around this time of year, you're sure to get some peace and quiet while also soaking up the rays.

9. Panama City Beach, Florida


Although #PCB is not as wild as it used to be due to some stricter laws about drinking on the beach, but it's still pretty packing during the week of spring break. A big plus is Pier Park, where you can shop and go to Dick's Last Resort restaurant (I'll let you guys look that one up).

10. New Orleans, Louisiana


Last but certainly not least, Nola. The land of hand grenades and Hurricanes, this city never fails to disappoint. Just try not to get lost on Bourbon Street.