I watched Charmed religiously back in middle school and high school, and still watch in college on Netflix. So when I heard news of a reboot happening, I instantly got excited. However, that was mean twenty-one months ago. From that announcement to the premiere of the pilot, there had been so many problematic issues that plagued this show. Many fans of the original series, including myself, were not here for the resurgence due to the many changes made and the marketing of the series.

Now that I watched the pilot episode, I can give my honest opinion about the first episode: It was horrible to watch and I wish I got that hour of my life back.

I went into this show having an open mind and gave the first episode a chance but it disappointed me as I expected. It really could've have kicked off on a high note but it made the mistake of putting too much in a pilot. I'm not going to spoil it for you but I can sum this up. The episode had too much material cramped into forty-five minutes, the acting can make you cringe at times and seems forced. Not to mention much of the intended nods to the series did not come to par with the original series and kind of mocked the older show.

Charmed Reboot 2018 Episode 1 www.youtube.com

I'm not placing blame on the actresses. They are just doing their job and working with what they're given. I hold the CW Network accountable for using the name of this franchise and brand it into another teen drama series for themselves to make a profit. They did the same with Riverdale to appeal to the younger millennial audience. I wasn't and still not here for the reboot train Hollywood is doing and after this pilot, this just put the stamp on that.

Final Thoughts: I would be surprised if it got renewed for a second season.