If you’re an avid The Voice watcher like myself, you may have taken notice of the mentor brought on by coach Alicia Keys - Charlie Puth. Talented as can be and undeniably handsome, the 24-year-old singer, songwriter, and record producer has a distinct scar on his right eyebrow. As a sophomore at the Berklee College of Music, Puth received a call from The Ellen Show asking for him to perform his cover of “Someone Like You” on air. That became the big break he needed, his career soaring off. Charlie soon accumulated a dedicated fanbase, referring to themselves as “Puthers”. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, back in 2014, Puth addressed the shock of it all and the seemingly strange influence of his eyebrow.

‘It’s crazy because I have a scar on my right eyebrow, but people who don’t know me very well think that I just intentionally shave that part of it. So now I see people on Twitter shaving that part of their eyebrow and saying, “I’m a Puther for life!” and I’m like, “Oh, goodness! I hope your mom doesn’t get mad at you.”’

So, what is up with Charlie Puth’s eyebrow?

Turns out, the star was attacked and bitten by a dog at the age of 2. The head trauma nearly took his life. Though Puth doesn’t speak much of his private life, he does leave us with these words from his Twitter page:

"My eyebrow is permanently like that. I don't shave it. Spread the word."

Mystery solved.