When I first was introduced to James Charles' YouTube channel, I was a little freaked out. When I first saw who Jeffree Star was, I have to admit, he scared me. I was not used to seeing guys like them, ones who wore makeup and dressed in drag. A few years later, these two are some of my biggest role models and have taught me so much.

I can't imagine what it is like discovering that you are a guy who loves makeup. While it isn't normalized in our society, I personally think it should be. Makeup doesn't have to be "girly," it is an art and a creative way to express yourself and boost your confidence. After watching James and Jeffree for so long, I have read my fair share of terrible YouTube comments and tweets calling them terrible names. They both do videos where they read their hate comments, and it truly makes me sad. Imagine being called names and constantly getting hate for doing something you love, even if it isn't traditional.

While a guy wearing makeup may not be normalized, they should definitely be given respect and massive credit. James and Jeffree have turned their hobby into a full-time job, with Jeffree being worth millions of dollars due to his line. A lot of the time, when I introduce someone to their channels, they think it is weird and unnatural. But truly the more you watch them, the stronger, braver and even more respectable they become. Listening to their stories on the road to their success makes you realize how far both of them have come.

I cannot get into any girl makeup YouTubers anymore because I have become so used to watching these two. Their videos are incredible and so is their makeup. James released a palette with Morphe a few months ago that sells out every time it restocks. Jeffree just dropped a set of Morphe brushes that sold out within AN HOUR. Watching my two idols reach new successes couldn't make me happier.

Regardless of what you grew up being taught or what you believe is "normal," you have to admit that James and Jeffree deserve the credit and respect a thousand times over for doing what they do. While I don't always agree with the road our society is heading down, what I can agree with is giving respect to people for finding their passions and learning to express who they are.