One of my favorite indie and steam games to play is "Don't Starve." My friends and I always describe it as "Minecraft on steroids" because it's essentially a survival game that becomes increasingly difficult to play. Here are some introductory points for those who haven't heard of it before.

You get to pick one of the following characters:

Wilson- The Gentleman Scientist

  1. From game descriptions, he grows a magnificent beard. However, there's not really a pro or con to him as he usually is the vanilla character that everyone is forced to start with in "Don't Starve," but in "Don't Starve Together," you can choose any character.

Willow: The Fire Starter. 

She's immune to fire damage and comes with a lighter that allows you to roast food. Fire helps her sanity but when she goes insane, she can drop down her teddy bear which can grow to an immense size and kill the shadow creatures, spawned from her insanity.

Wolfgang: The Strongman

My very favorite. His strength and health increase as his hunger increases. He can go up to 300 hunger and 300 health. The average character has around 150-200 health/hunger.

Wendy: The Bereaved

She is usually the pick for most beginners as her strength and health are lacking but her pro is that she has a sister in the form of a ghost that can protect her from mobs. She spawns the ghost by dropping her flower and killing something in front of the flower. As soon as she kills the creature, the flower awakens as a ghost which follows her around and gives her sanity.

WX-78: The Soulless Automaton

His motto is "EMPATHY MODULE NOT RESPONDING." It can eat spoiled foods and it would have the same benefits and unspoiled foods and it can also upgrade with gears. It starts out with 100 health, sanity, and hunger but it can potentially increase all the way to 400, making it the most overpowered character in the game. Unfortunately, gears are hard to come across in this world and it would need around 20 gears to get to that level. Furthermore, dying in the game would make it lose many of its upgrades. On another note, WX-78 is supercharged by lightning but damaged more heavily by rain than other characters.

Wickerbottom: The Librarian

She's known to be the only character that can't sleep at night so it's difficult taking care of sanity as this character as well as health and hunger because she takes a lot of damage from food that isn't in pristine condition. It's usually good to team up her and WX-78 in a play-through.

These are just some of the characters but the game has so many more fascinating ones to come.