With the craziness that is the election coming to an end very soon, I wanted to make the last article before it something to laughg about. With the release of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life coming out very soon, I was like, why not write something on who I think that some of the characters would vote for.

Lorelai Gilmore-Hillary Clinton

With her sharp wit and modern feminist take on life, there would be no way in hell that she would vote for Trump. On top of that, she is a small business owner, adn we all know how much Trump hates those.

Emily Gilmore-Donald Trump

As a high-class society woman, and part of the active social system of Hartford, Emily Gilmore would not vote for Hillary Clinton. Sticking with the so-called "traditional" values, she would most certainly vote for Trump. If not for her, to "Make America Great Again."

Rory Gilmore-Hillary Clinton

The last time we saw Rory, she was on the campaign trail with Barack Obama. It would be reasonable to assume that she would throw her support behind Hillary.

Luke Danes-Nobody

Look, Luke frets over participating in town events. I highly doubt he would even give this election the time of day, something I wish many Americans would do.

Sookie-Hillary Clinton

Once quoted as saying, "tell me it's not that bastard Donald Trump," it would be a no-brainer that she would be #WithHer

Mrs. Kim-Donald Trump

Mrs. Kim sticks to traditional values. There is no way that she could go deep within her conscience to vote for someone who shockingly believes in liberal ideas, like a woman rising to become president.

Kirk-Jill Stein

Kirk is one of those shall we say "quirky" Stars Hollow townies. Since he is kind of out there, he would find Jill Stein's doctor mystique intriguing.

Lane Kim, plus kids-Hillary Clinton

Just to defy her mom, Lane would instill the most liberal beliefs possible in Steve and Kwan. Now, that is not to say that her husband Zach would be a Trump supporter, but I think that there would be a considerable drift in their marriage if so.

Babette and Patty-Hillary Clinton

As two former hippies, and patrons of the arts, this dynamic duo would most certainly throw their support behind the most qualified person for president.

Brian-Hillary Clinton

Brian, after falling head over heels in love with a nice, old-fashioned girl, would defy the expectations and definitely vote for Hillary. Not only would this put a divide in Hep Alien, but also a divide amongst his family.

Dean Forrester-Donald Trump

Let's just say that Dean wasn't the brightest bulb in the box. Since his opinions are swayed quite easily, Dean would fall for the dictator-esque appeal of Donald Trump.

Jess-Hillary Clinton

Jess is much too liberal to even consider voting for the misogynist Cheeto that is Donald Trump. He does live in one of the most liberal cities in America, so why not?

Logan Huntzberger-Donald Trump

Logan's dad, Mitchum, would highly encourage him to vote for "The Donald." As a matter of fact, I would bet that he probably engaged in Locker Room Talk with him.

Taylor Doose-Gary Johnson

Ah, Taylor. Since nobody really cares about him, he would choose the candidate that nobody cares about, Gary Johnson.