How To Change Your Lifestyle For The Environment!
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How To Change Your Lifestyle For The Environment!

Do you want to save the world? Look in the mirror and see what you can do yourself!

How To Change Your Lifestyle For The Environment!

1. Try reusable shopping bags

Every shopping bag you use takes 1000 years to degrade.

Leave the bags easily accessed in your car in order to prevent forgetfulness.

2. Ditch paper towels

Production of paper towels themselves, cause about 30,000 trees to be cut a day.

Use a rag to wipe up easy spills! It will also save you money.

3. Ladies, try reusable menstrual products.

Pads and Tampons take 450 years to degrade, and they cost a lot!

Going reusable actually saves you more in the long run

4. Become more adapted to technology.

GO PAPERLESS! A lot of companies actually offer a discount too.

A lot of products can now be replaced by technology such as calendars. So before you buy, think... "Is there an app for that?"

You can even go notebookless by using Google Docs, which autosaves as you type.

5. RECYLE & TerraCycle.

Take effort to recycle, it keeps the landfills from being so large!

Sometimes, there are just products you have to use, such as deodorant and toothpaste. Even though you think it isn't recyclable, it most likely is through Terracycle.

6. Stop buying bottled water.

Plastic bottles take 450 years to degrade! Plus, when you buy water you are spending more on the plastic itself than water!

I suggest buying 5 gallon jugs or buying a water cooler, a Jug Pump or getting a filter for your tap water.

7. Start a garden.

Plants provide for more oxygen!

Plus, If you grow your own fruits and vegetables, it helps lessen the impact of shipping food on the environment.

8. Buy secondhand and sell.

Clothing is wasted everyday!

Clothing takes about 10 years to degrade depending on the fabrics used.

Buying secondhand clothing gives you cheap yet good clothes!

9. Repurpose items.

If something can't be recycled, it most likely can be repurposed.

Before you toss think, What else can I use this for? Can I save this for some craft?

10. Hang dry clothes!

A lot of your clothes shouldn't be put in the dryer in the first place!

Hang drying saves a ton on electricity!

11. Conserve water.

Try to looking into habits that don't waste water. Turn off the water when you don't necessarily need it on, such as washing dishes, showering etc.

12. Do not litter.

All of the local wildlife is affected and it makes your town look trashy (literally!!).

Also, eventually this waste can end up flowing into water supplies.

13. Pack your own lunch.

Packing your own lunch will rid of plastic containers that you buy food in.

Also, using reusable containers rids of plastic and the gas to pick up lunch during your breaks is unnecessary gas wasted.

Plus, buying lunch can be expensive!

14. Turn off those lights.

Open the curtains! If natural light can be used, then use it! Also, think if you really need the light, and turn off the lights in areas not used!

15. Learn to fix things.

A lot of things don't need to be tossed just because it broke or teared a little, Those ripped jeans can still be used! Why toss them if they can be fixed, or even pants a little too big can be tightenedd, or a broken mug can be glued!

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