Change Of Scene


You need to do homework, but your room is too loud. There's too many distractions and you're too busy thinking of the words to the song that's playing to focus. Deep breaths; turn off the music; you need to focus.


Dammit. It's still too loud. People keep walking past your door, screeching about good-for-nothing boys and girls who need to "chill the f*ck out." Deep breaths; check the train schedule; you need a change of scene.


The walk to the train station wasn't loud, but it wasn't quiet either. Put in your headphones while you wait the final minutes for the train. Deep breaths; louder volume; you'll have your change of scene soon enough.


Your music is all the way up, but you can still hear that baby crying on the train. Why is finding a little peace and quiet so difficult today? Deep breaths; calm thoughts; you've reached your destination.


Loud. Loud. Loud.

Why is it always so loud no matter where you go? All you wanted was some peace and quiet. Instead, you got nothing but noise. Deep breaths; get back on the train; you can try for your change of scene another day.

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