God is changing my life

God is always changing things and it is amazing. I have been having the most interesting year already so far. I have had people leave my life and me there's. I have been pondering that for so long, as to why I left and why they left, I was not really okay with the change going on in my life because I thought those were going to be people in my life forever but God had other plans. He has been changing my life for the better and I am slowly starting to realize that.

Have you ever sat down and just thought about how things are working in your life? Like why did this person leave, what are they doing now and what are you'd doing now? I think about how if I was still going down this dark path I was on I have no clue to where I would be in life at the moment. God gives us test throughout our life. Something happens and He wants to see how we will react to it and if that isn't the most truth I have ever heard. God gave me this big test and if I am being honest with you all I was not handling it well, but when it was over my life completely turned around for the better and it just showed how amazing and true He is to His word. 2 Chronicles 32:3..."God left him to test him and to know everything that was in his heart."

Now don't get me wrong, accepting change was NOT easy. There were many many MANY tears, questioning God himself. Yeah, I questioned what He was doing in my life and now that I think about it I am thinking Hannah was the heck is wrong with you. Anything out creator does for us, is for the better, whether it is changing how you do things, a life lesson, no matter the case I know He has a plan for me for life and when I came to realize that conclusion I am okay with whatever comes my way.

Things really do happen for a reason and when you start to become okay with that, life won't seem as crazy and the heartaches and tears won't come as often. Change is around us every single day and happens every single day.

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