As You Go Through Life, You Are Allowed To Change Your Mind

Here I go again, talking about people controlling your life and whatnot. Blah blah blah, but hear me out.

There needs to be a reality check for some people. As you go through life, you are allowed to change your mind. Period.

Times are changing constantly, and we take that for granted because we barely notice that half the time. If you are going through life, through those changes, and you decide to change direction, that is completely okay, as long as it doesn't affect you negatively.

If you make a late-minute decision about something involving your career or education or something like that, I encourage that, as long as it's positive. If you make a choice that will ultimately ruin things for you, no, I am not for it. I am only motivating you to change your mind when you feel like it, when you feel it is best for you.

No one can stop you. You only make that decision for yourself. There can be input, comments, and opinions, but you have the last say because it is your life.

Some things may not feel right, so you change your mind. Some things may not be working out for you right now, so you change your mind. It's simple, not that hard to figure out. It's just a setback... I shouldn't say that, it's a switch in direction. An add-on.

I want to believe that everyone has moments like these. We go through something this frightening, yet exciting, at least once in our lives. It could be about whatever. For me, it's about switching career paths.

I'm not entirely switching; I'm making a slight adjustment to my options, and I am allowed to if I feel like it is best for me. I felt like what I had was not enough, and I needed more. I needed a Master's degree, and I could use that to open more doors.

So, here I am changing my mind, and if you need to, do it. Don't let anyone tell you what to do. The looks on people's faces when I tell them my "plan" is somewhat priceless, sort of surprised about the difference between preschool and college. But it has been done.

You can do it, too. You are allowed to not know what to do. You are allowed to be confused at your young age. You are allowed to change your own mind for you.

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