Writing Is A Chance Into Something New

It’s great what authors and bloggers and playwrights indite onto a blank page. The infinite number of words that can be formulated to complete the masterpieces ticking inside each of our brains are endless and are always great pieces of work. Everyone has a different process, you know, such as drinking the black bean or lighting up a cool cigar and allowing that process to exchange whatever muse we have to spill words on piece of paper or in this case on a computer screen.

I recently discovered reading articles and let me tell all of you it’s not always entertaining but it can always be interesting. The articles I have been reading the past couple weeks have all been from the Odyssey and I really like it. Some articles are super exciting and some are not as engaging as others but what all them have is something to take home with. Everyone has something to say and a reason for saying it and as readers we start forming opinions and arguments as to what people discuss with us. Now before I ramble any further let me say please and thank you to everyone taking the time to read articles that so many creators spend the time to share and also we can begin to get a little personal with me, the quote on quote, “writer” of the articles to come in the future.

Why I Do What I Do

Okay people, writing is super annoying! After this article I’m going to give up on writing… just kidding super fans I am very excited to write and explore who I am but I cannot do that if I don’t have cooperation. The biggest reason for doing this is not because I’m some innovative thinker believe me, but because the one thing I love doing is meeting people. I’m not trying to imply that I’m seeking the love of my life here but what I am seeking is communication from anyone reading. I encourage conversation.

I want to talk about any random topic and look to the bottom to see comments. I want to get on a personal level and really work with you guys to solve any problems we have. I want a community to start working and to start making a difference. I will do my very best to write about a number of interesting topics and create solutions and difference makers. I also want to know what you guys want to talk about. I don’t mean to turn this into a blog because I still want to be able to lend my opinion on what matters and how to feel but don’t want to dictate how these articles turn out. Please do not be a stranger and let’s have some fun with guys and gals.

I am, I am

Can anyone tell where that movie quote is from? I’m referring to the title of the subtopic hovering just above. I only know one person that would be able to guess where it came from. That person is my brother. My little brother that is, he is the fourth child of four boys. That means I have two more brothers and zero sisters. It’s almost a shame really, I have always wanted a sister but God gave me three brothers. I do thank him for that though, He gave me what I needed and when I have kids of my own I believe He will give me what I want.

Now I hope you noticed how weirdly I gave you a little intro to who I am. I love movie quotes, which has to mean that I love movies, and my little brother is the only person that could guess that, which means we share a pretty tight bond and I have two more brothers that I love and I share a relationship with God. Why does any of this matter? Why did I say any of it? Come on, guys I already told you! We are getting personal and the only way to get personal is slightly revealing the secrets of my life.

These are tools I’m going to use to write and discover. Of course that is just the beginning of the secrets of my life but we have to start somewhere. So let’s wrap up this sandwich and take it home for dinner. Thank you everybody and let’s keep it real. Also, one quick thing to add. Since I am hoping to start conversations with anyone reading let’s start with revealing any hidden messages in this article. Where is the movie quote from? Why did I mention a sandwich and taking it home? Let’s dig in and understand who I am and then we can also start to understand who you guys are. Keep in touch.

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