11 Reasons Chacos Are The Far Superior Shoes

11 Reasons Chacos Are Worth The $100-Plus Pricetag You Pay For Them, And Then Some

All I'm saying is you don't understand the power of a pair of chacos until you've walked a mile or two in them

Bekah Pounds

I, by no means, claim to be the expert on chacos. I say this mostly because up until seven months ago I had no interest in these shoes, but after getting my first pair my entire mindset on them changed. While I am fully aware that most people have opposition to them for their aesthetics, I am here to say that there is so much more to a pair of chacos than how they look! If you aren't already sold on these shoes, maybe these reasons will be enough to convince you.

1. You never have to worry about getting them wet

Image: 5 Arguments That'll Convince Your Peers To Support Your Chacos


Whether you're running in the middle of a rainstorm or you need a solid shoe to wear while you're out at the beach or lake these are the shoes for you. Chacos were made with the intention of being multifunctional, meaning that they are one of the few pairs of shoes that can get wet and you don't have to worry about the repercussions later. If I'm quite honest with you, it is probably actually encouraged to run through a puddle or two in your chacos.

2. They go with literally everything!

Image: Brand Spotlight: Chaco ShoesHouserShoes.com


From dresses to running shorts and a shirt, I have seen chacos paired with every single type of outfit. Not only are they insanely comfy, but they are great for those who have to walk long distances. You may not agree that it's appropriate to wear chacos with a certain outfit, but that doesn't mean they can't look decent together!

3. Matching doesn't apply when it comes to chacos

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Here's the thing, when I was considering whether or not to invest in my first pair of chacos I was worried about the fact that I didn't have a ton of clothes that matched with the ones I found. My friends discounted that thought immediately. They told me that chacos matched with everything no matter what. The idea behind chacos isn't necessarily to match perfectly but to be comfortable.

4.  They're far comfier than any hiking boot you'll find

Image: Z/Sandals Collection | Chaco


I think the thing that sells me the most on these shoes is the versatility of them. Not only can you wear them in any kind of weather, but you can also wear them hiking on your next camping or hiking trip. They not only provide you the ankle support that a hiking boot does, but they are significantly comfier and aren't as confining as a hiking boot.

5. There are TONS of colors and patterns

Image: David Parker Shoes on Twitter: "#CHACO AND #BIRKENSTOCK GIVEAWAYS ...


I truly don't think I've ever seen so many different colors or patterns for a brand of shoes in my life. Now that I think about it, I don't think I have ever met two people that have the same exact pair of chacos. Not saying that there aren't people out there who don't have the same pattern and so forth, it's just that there are so many that I have yet to run into that just yet.

6. When you think about it, they aren't that expensive


I got my chacos for sixty dollars on sale at REI, if you think about it that's not all that expensive for shoes that will last me for years to come. No, you won't always find chacos for that cheap, but if you run the cost of the chacos to the length of time you are bound to have them with how often you wear them, you'll begin to see that they are well worth the pretty penny you are going to spend to purchase them. Also, if you pop by an REI sale or look online for sales I'm sure you can find a pair that you like for a significantly reduced price.

7. They are super durable and long lasting



I have friends that have had their chacos for years. The mere fact that these shoes are intended to be used for hiking and can be worn in almost any situation attests to their durability and longevity. They are built to withstand a lot, and that's important in a good quality shoe.

8. They actually have arch support

Image: Chaco Cloud Vs Classic - Outdoor Federation


For someone who walks around five to seven miles a day I need a pair of shoes that support my feet and don't kill me to walk around in. The first time you wear chacos you may get some blisters, as with any shoe, but once they are broken in they support your feet really well and provide comfort and stability for your arches.

9. They can be worn all year long!

Image: Sandals by Chaco. Socks by Solmate Socks. | Outdoorsy | Solmate ...


I know you think it may look a little ridiculous, but I won't lie I have thrown on a pair of socks with my chacos and worn them to finals countless times. When it's cold outside they are still more comfortable to wear around than some clunky combat boots.

10. They're adjustable!

Image: How To Adjust Chacos - A Guide For Both With And Without Toe Loop


Most shoes don't allow you to change up how lose or tight they are on your feet. They are made one way and you're forced to accept how it fits around your foot. Chacos aren't like that. They have straps that are adjustable so that you can make sure that your feet are in the most comfortable position while you wear these babies.

11. Don't worry if they're broken, rechacos lets you send them in and only pay for what needs to be fixed

Image: Chaco Sandal Repairs - ReChaco | Chaco


If I'm quite honest with you, this may be the part I am most excited about with chacos. If a part of your chacos end up breaking there is a place on the chaco website that allows you to send them in for repair and you only have to pay for the part that needs to be fixed instead of having to buy an entirely new pair of shoes. I don't know about you, but to me that's a stellar business model and idea.

If I still haven't convinced you that you need to drop everything you're doing and go grab you a pair of chacos I really don't know if you'll ever be convinced. In all honesty, though, they are by far the comfiest shoes I have ever worn and have been my most worn shoes in the last seven months. I wasn't a believer, but after wearing them for only a couple days I was absolutely sold on the fact that I had just made the single greatest purchase of my life thus far. I don't care what anyone else says, chacos are worth it and that's that.

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