13 Instances In Which Chacos Are The Perfect Summer Shoe For A Summer Lady

Chacos get ripped on a lot. They may look ridiculous, but they are actually ridiculously convenient.

I joined #ChacoNation in 2014 before a month-long trip to an excluded camp a few boat rides north of Vancouver B.C. They were not the sexiest shoes and gave me weird tan lines, but I now crave the strap lines they leave on my feet over summer.

Over the years, my fondness and appreciation has matured and even turned into a fiery passion. Now, I am convinced that Chacos are the perfect shoe for summer and can be worn during any and all things that summer may bring you.

1. Camping.

They are built for nature.

2. Hiking.

IDK why you would ever want to hike but I guess if you are going to do it, do it in Chacos because that is what they are made for.

3. Boating.

They are also made for water and boating is the laziest of water activities.

4. Weddings.

They are perfect for any occasion. Plus you can really get down on the dancefloor with these.

5. Ascending the Great Wall of China.

I guarantee that you are going to document this moment on all social media. Better make sure you look fine as f*ck and are sporting your Chacos.

6. Escaping the paparazzi.

You bet your ass they are going to try to sneak pics of you rocking those sexy sandals.

7. Heavy make out sessions.

That's right. No one can resist a fine woman in Chacos. Plus they are pretty much guaranteed to stay on your feet so you can get as freaky as you want, woman!

8. TV marathon.

OK, this might not be the type of marathon that requires shoes but you'll be comfy.

9. With a sundress.

Why not add fun sandals to spice up an outfit?

10. Exploring.

These shoes can handle anything.

11. On a date.

Put your best foot forward. (See what I did there?)

12. Walking on the moon.

NASA approved.

13. Clubbing.

Heels are overrated anyways. #ChacoNation all the way.

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