On the night of April 19, 1989, a jogger by the name of Trisha Meili was raped in Central Park.

The police questioned boys of color and had already decided that these five boys, Antron, Korey, Kevin, Raymond, and Yusef, were all guilty and the only evidence the prosecution had on them were confessions that were coerced.

Despite there not being any physical evidence linking them to the crime, they were all found guilty of the crime. No DNA matched between the boys and the jogger.

Eventually, the man who committed this awful crime came forward and was already serving time for similar crimes just like Trisha's. The five young men, who had served time for crimes they did not commit, were eventually vacated and the state withdrew all charges.

The man who committed this crime had committed crimes of a similar nature, he was able to give information to the police about what happened, and his DNA was a match.

The prosecution, instead of trying to find the perpetrator, insisted that it was these five boys who had no ties to the crime whatsoever and they were forced to grow up in prison.

Their time spent with loved ones was taken away and there is no amount of money in the world that can give that back to them.

They should no longer be referred to as The Central Park Five because of the stigma, the pack/gang mindset attributed with the name, the way it dehumanizes the children who were wrongly accused and imprisoned, and was a name given by the media who took this story, along with our now president, and spun it way out of control.

Their names are Antron, Korey, Kevin, Raymond, and Yusef. They were children and they were innocent. They are not The Central Park Five, but The Exonerated Five.