Celina: The Town That "Bleeds Orange"

This weekend I got to visit my hometown again for homecoming. Although I graduated 2 years ago this was my first home game to go to since graduating. This gave me a chance to reflect on what the town I lived in my entire life meant to me.

Celina means strength. Strength in numbers, strength in family, strength in obstacles. This little town always came together for every single obstacle, every time someone was diagnosed with an illness, every time someone was affected by a natural disaster, every time the football team lost or won. We were one. We would throw a fundraiser, inspire Kenny Chesney, and even win a couple rings and set a couple records…we’re very proud of that one.

Celina means faith. The churches are packed and the kids in our town have a “Meet Me at the Pole” every Friday morning. It’s a town where it’s not unusual to see the football team praying together on that 50-yard line.

Celina means orange. There is orange everywhere…if you ever need a quick Halloween costume “Orange is the New Black” is always an option. Every Friday kids from ages 2 to 18 will be in their uniform/jersey/or bright orange shirts. There’s a reason one of our many slogans is “Bleed Orange.”

Celina means family. It’s a town built on the backs of old family names. It’s a town where some of us have to be careful who we date because it may be your distant cousin you forgot you had. All the teachers know your sister/brother/parent/cousin. It’s a town not only filled with amazing families everyone knows but it’s a town that is a family. When one succeeds we all succeed, that’s family.

Celina means big but Celina means small. Celina means big hearts/people/voices but a small farm town where you have to leave 20 minutes early in case of tractors. We’re taught to dream big, do big things, and love big. We breed amazing football players, genius minds, beautiful artists, and everything in between. We have people all over the place in colleges where we get to teach others what Celina taught us.

Celina means tradition. We sing numerous songs at our graduation, always taught to us by the amazing Valerie Carey. We have a very loud horn that goes off every time we make that touchdown. We have a parade every homecoming with our own princesses and queens. We live off of traditions whether it’s eating the best Mexican food you’ll ever taste before the Friday night lights or helping Mrs. Carey think of a cheer before a big test, we were built on these traditions and they’re here to stay.

Celina made me who I am. Celina made me into a strong, family and faith oriented, spirited, traditional woman and I have no idea where I’d be without that town. I was so blessed to be raised by an entire town and I know part of my heart will always call Celina home. Thank you Celina, Texas, I love you.

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