Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Who's Done It and Who's Au Natural?

Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Who's Done It and Who's Au Natural?


Do you want bigger breasts? A smaller nose? better ... eyelids? You can do all of that with plastic surgery.

There's no industry that represents the possibilities that come with going under the knife better than Hollywood. Celebrity plastic surgery has been a topic of discussion for a long time - so now we're giving our two cents.

Learn who has and who hasn't gotten work done below.

The Who's Who of The Operating Room

Have you ever looked at a red carpet and thought "those people are too beautiful to be real"? You may be right - here's a small list of people who've had work done.

Cardi B

When it comes to people that got breast augmentations, there's really no one as proud as the rapper/entertainer. She worked as a stripper in her early career, which is why (and how) she bought her breasts.

She's written about her admiration for the purchase in her songs and on Instagram. On the song "Get Up 10" she says, she's real - "only thing fake is the boobs".

Unfortunately for her favorite purchase, pregnancy did a number on her body. She was quoted in a post-baby interview saying that her baby Karma "did her dirty" in regards to her body.

Hey - celebs, their babies change their bodies - they're just like us!

Lisa Kudrow

Probably the next most popular Hollywood (and general) plastic surgery after boobs is noses. Lisa Kudrow, who's famous for playing Pheobe on the hit 90's show friends, had one in her younger years.

For her, it was a matter of confidence. She said her nose always made her feel hideous, and she didn't feel that way afterward. She didn't use the money from her fame to get the procedure, either.

She did it before she switched high schools. New school, new nose, new Lisa! Who knows - maybe she wouldn't have been cast in the hit show pre-nose job.

We're happy her plastic surgeon granted us the comedic gem that is Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.

Ariel Winter

You know this actress as Claire and Phils' smart middle child on the show Modern Family. While she plays a pre-teen/teen on the show, she's always felt that her breasts age her.

And fairly so - at the age of 17 the actress was an F cup, which was wreaking havoc on her back. It also made it hard to find clothes that fit and was a task for the costume department - what on-screen 14 years old has that big of breasts?

She got a reduction, which isn't the norm in Hollywood when it comes to breasts. She went from an F cup to a D cup and said she felt like a new person.

In fact, the direct quote was "You feel like this is how I was supposed to be". More power (and chest) to her.

Betty White

Do you know the saying that something is as old as sliced bread? Well, Betty White is actually older than sliced bread - by just a few years. When her parents brought home baby Betty, you still bought the loaf whole and sliced it yourself.

Anyways - Betty is generally against plastic surgery, at least on herself. She did admit to having one procedure done, a minor one, in the mid-'70s.

It was an eyelid lift, and she said she regretted it for years. But now that she's older, she's happy she did it.


If anyone is the definition of fabulous without prescribing to the classic Hollywood definition of it - it's Ru. He's not against plastic surgery, though he's never had any procedures where he had to be "cut" as he said.

But that doesn't mean he's a stranger to cosmetic procedures. The drag-superstar, artist, and network owner has had Botox and fillers.

Those along with some laser skin resurfacing work, like electrolysis (usually used for laser hair removal).

He does want a facelift, he says, but he's too busy to put up with the recovery time. We guess that's just the price of being an international star.

Dolly Parton

If you take one look at the tiny country singer's frame, you have to know that her breasts aren't from what her mama gave her. She's had many breast surgeries over the years and plans to have more, to lift and tighten them, as needed.

She's not ashamed of having work done - she is often seen with heavy cleavage and sparkles/glitter around her bosom.

As a suprising cross-cultural icon, it doesn't seem like anyone is questioning her choices. I guess that's what you get when you make fantastic music and have your own theme park!

Sharon Osbourne

Hang in there with us, this is a long one. The wife of rock star Ozzy has had a lot done. And she's ashamed of none of it. She reportedly said on the show "The Talk" that she's on "Face three, and counting".

But her face isn't the only thing the rocker's had done. She's also talked about her bodily procedures - she's had her tummy tucked, lip, a leg lift, breast lift - pretty much any kind of lift they do, she's gotten.

Botox and Fillers

Almost every star out there admits to having Botox once or twice a year. They spread it out and use small doses so that their faces don't get that "frozen" look.

It's pretty much as normal as going to the grocery store in Hollywood - or we guess, having someone get your groceries for you.

That extends to lip fillers as well. Want to get a little poke and prod of your own? This website can help Aussies who want a little lift.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

If you want something done and you have the money - go and do it. All the celebs above would tell you that if you're sure and you trust the surgeon, it's the right thing to do.

But they'll also tell you, even when it comes to celebrity plastic surgery quality levels, a new nose won't change your life. Change still comes mostly from the inside.

Not into plastic surgery and want to change your body the old fashioned way? By working out and eating right? Here is our workout playlist!

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