A good Instagram theme is so important in today's society. You want to keep your followers engaged so they can continue to likes your photos and watch your stories. You have to have photos all look the same so your Instagram can be aesthetically pleasing.

VSCO is a great app that people use to edit their photos. The app will allow you to their users to capture photos in the app and edit them with using preset filters and editing tools. A lot of people do use VSCO to edit their Instagram photos so they can keep it constant for their feed. There are so many different ways to edit photos so you have hundreds of options for filters.

Celebrities know how to make their feeds look good. They have millions of followers looking at their feeds every single day. They have to keep their feed relevant and unique so they can start the new trends for Instagram users all over the world. Unlike your average person, celebrities have a team of photographers and social media experts to help them conquer this.

As a photographer, I wanted to show people how they need to edit their photos for these two celebrity inspired VSCO filters for your next Instagram feed. I will be using a photo of a mannequin that I took so I can show you the photo before and after I edit the photos using the celebrity inspired filters.

First off, here is the original photo

1. The Kim Kardashian West Filter


White Balance Temperature: -2

White Balance Tint: +3

Fade: +2.5

Split Tone Highlight Tint Blue: +2

Split Tone Shadow Tint Green: +3

Exposure: +0.5

Contrast: +1

Saturation: +1

Grain: +4

Kim Kardashian West is one of the most famous people in the entire world. With over 137 million followers on Instagram, her feed is one that millions of people will try to mimic.

She is known for always doing a changeup in her feed on her Instagram page.

The picture above shows a filter that she had on her feed a few years ago. The filter was made to make photos look like a very blue/greenish Polaroid picture. You can tell that through the grain and fade.

2. The Ariana Grande Filter


Exposure: -0.8

Contrast: +1.5

Tone Highlights: +7.5

White Balance Temperature: -1.4

White Balance Tint: +6

Saturation: -0.9

Split Tone Highlight Tint Magenta: +2.3

Ariana Grande is one of the most popular female singers in the music business. With over 154 million followers on Instagram, her feed is one that her fans want to try and copy for their own feeds.

She is known for having most of her pictures look exactly like Polaroid pictures just like Kim Kardashian West. The picture above shows a filter that is very similar to one that looks like her feed. You can tell this through the white balance and split tone highlight.

If you are starting to get bored with your feed or just want to start a change up in your feed, I would definitely recommend using one of these filters for your new feed. I think each filter shows a different type of Polaroid-picturesque feed that is easy to do. Your followers will be so impressed with your pictures. Maybe they might try to start mimicking your own feed.