So have you ever wondered what our favorite celebrities looked like when they were younger? Have they always been so attractive? My curiosity got the best of me and I just had to look into it.

1. Zac Efron

He went from a silly haired little boy, to an actor that everyone adores.

2. Dylan and Cole Sprouse

From the trouble starting little boys to the favorite twin duo of our generation.

3. Ariana Grande

From the cute goofy girl on Nickelodeon to an extremely pretty, successful popstar.

4. Blake Lively

Age has actually been very good to her.

5. Kendall Jenner

She's the only Kardashian who let age change her rather than surgeries, so it's impressive.

6. Nick Jonas

He started off as one of the least popular ones in his band with his brothers, but now he's solo and loved by millions.

7. Megan Fox

She, too, aged well over the years.

8. Josh Peck

Goofy little Josh turned into our favorite video-making celeb.

9. Harry Styles

Five band albums and a solo album later, he is a precious 23 year old.

10. Taylor Swift

So she may not have the best attitude, but she's still pretty...and the straight hair suits her way more than the wavy.

11. Sara Hyland

She definitely grew into her facial features.

12. Taylor Lautner

Sharkboy grew up on us!!

13. Chris Pratt

Goofy younger guy to an American heartthrob.

14. Matthew Lewis

You remember the goofy Neville Longbottom...

15. Adele

A beautiful soul making millions off of a broken heart.

16. Alexa PenaVega

Our spy girl is all grown and married now!

After seeing the changes some of your favorite celebs went through, there's definitely hope for the rest of us.