10 Autumn Hairstyles That Will Make Everyone 'Fall' For You
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10 Instagram-Worthy Autumn Hairstyles That Will Make Everyone 'Fall' For You

Don't we all love autumn?!

zoella zoe sugg in sunglasses with messy bun posing by railing

I love writing about different hairstyles. This fall you will be seeing a lot of these! Let me know if you do. Happy fall, everyone!

1. Pony braid 

Selena Gomez

selenagomez / Instagram

Sleeked back and looking extra edgy, Selena Gomez rocks this look! This is a hairstyle that will take a little extra time but for a cute fall Instagram pic, this hairstyle would look so freaking cool. I totally recommend following this video to bring this look to life.

2. Rich brown hair

Shelley Hennig

shelleyhennig / Instagram

Her hair with the lighting looks like a combination or reddish, brown, and orange tones. What do those colors have in common? The flavor of fall! Change it up by dying your hair a rich color to show your festiveness for fall! No recommended video because I totally recommend going to the salon.

3. Dark to medium to light

Caroline Flack

carolineflack / Instagram

This look is so fall because just like the changing colors of the leaves her hair is also changing. This look is very natural looking if you take your time when coloring it, which is why I recommend going to a hair salon to get it done. I hope to see this look sported this fall.

4. Short and shorter

Lucy Hale

lucyhale / Instagram

Short hair is so cute. I always wish I could rock it but my hair puffs out like no one's business. The sleek black short bob is definitely one that many people can rock. Lucy Hale is so pretty bottom line. If you want to tackle cutting your hair yourself I have attached this video.

5. Braid into a bun

Lauren Conrad

laurenconrad / Instagram

The braid into a bun is super cute and easy to mimic. Just braid one piece toward the back and then adjust your bun to the size and shape you want it. All in all, it is fairly easy and you can learn how to do it from this video.

6. Pin a little back

Pinning a little back is an effortless look to keep the wind from blowing your hair in your face. This look helps accentuate the earrings you wear. No video needed, be unique and make this look your own.

7. Half-up and loose hanging side bangs

Lauren Alaina

laurenalaina / Instagram

I do this all of the time because it's quick and easy while looking like you put a lot of effort in your hair. I love that she puts a scrunchy in her hair instead of a regular elastic band. The magenta in the scrunchy really gives me fall vibes. Here is a video to help you out!

8. Sunglasses as a headband


cherylofficial / Instagram

I think we are all guilty of using our sunglasses as a headband rather than to wear them on our eyes. It's so cute and natural and everyone will think you did it on a whim. Also, no video needed; be creative!

9. Blunt color instead of a blunt chop

Charli XCX

charli_xcx / Instagram

The color added to the tips of the hair is so cool because it looks so simple but very fashionable. By using warm colors it creates a feeling of warmth during the chilly fall.

10. Striking red haired side braid

Emma Stone

emmastone_official_ / Instagram

Emma Stone teeters between keeping her hair Icy blond or orangy red, but let's be honest we love both! This striking red side braid really makes her stand out. Here is a video on cute side braids.

Hope you enjoyed! Happy fall!

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