There's a lot to look forward to in 2019, including major album drops and highly anticipated movies. With all of this shake in the pop-culture universe, we'll have some new faces turn into household names and some familiar faces re-enter our lives like old high school friends.

Here's who should be on your radar for 2019...

1. Billie Ellish 

After her 2016 SoundCloud turned viral track "Oceans Eyes" got her noticed in the music industry, Billie Ellish has been a rising star in pop music. Her new single "When The Party's Over" has already charted in multiple countries. Fans anticipate an album to drop from the artist soon and it will create quite an impact once it does.

2. Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes recently spoke with Paper Magazine about her journey as a young actress and struggling addictions. She says she is looking to start acting again and once Amanda graces us with her presence again, she'll take her crown back for a comedy queen.

3. Ariana Grande

It's no secret Ariana Grande has had a talked-about 2018, but with a new album dropping and a tour coming soon, Ariana won't be clocking out of the headlines anytime soon.

4. Noah Centineo

Riding the wave from the success of "To All The Boys I've Loved Before", Noah Centineo has been the young rom-com actor to steal the hearts of girls everywhere. After his recent announcement of being cast in the new 'Charlies Angels' it doesn't sound like Noah plans on becoming a one time movie crush.

5. Tom Holland

With a new Spiderman and Avenger movie coming out soon, we can expect a lot of adorable interviews from Tom Holland and some prime acting to bless us in 2019.

6. Naomi Scott

With the buzz of the new live-action Aladdin, Naomi Scott, who will play Jasmine, is about to embark on a Disney filled magical journey of fame. If Aladdin is as successful as fans hope it to be, I'm sure Naomi will be all over our screens soon.

7. Danielle MacDonald

The star of the Netflix movie 'Dumplin' is cute, funny and about to crush it in her new movie. I can just feel it.

8. Priyanka Chopra

With her very public wedding already being talked about, Priyanka will be no stranger to the spotlight in 2019 with her role in the new romantic-comedy 'Isn't It Romantic' coming out on Valentine's Day.

9. Millie Bobby Brown

This Stranger Things star as a variety of screen time we can look forward to as "Stranger Things" third season will be released as well as "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" premiering shortly after. We're ready for more Millie.

10. Kane Brown

This country music singer has already made waves and with his Live Forever tour continuing in 2019, he will be sure to continue to bring us amazing music.

11. Anne Marie

You probably can't get her song '2002' out of your head, but she's just beginning. Looking forward to new music to get stuck in my head in 2019.

12. Dove Cameron

This Disney diva is going to be all over the place in 2019. With the third and last installment of the Disney movies 'Descendants' being released, along with her role in Netflix film 'Dumplin' and playing Cher in 'Clueless The Musical', Dove Cameron will be a busy woman in 2019. And we're here for it.