8 Reasons Cats Will Rule The World, Seriously, You May As Well Accept It

Cats run the world...and possibly the household.

Jessica Price

If there is one thing I love unconditionally it is cats. They are beautiful, loving, and just so so so undeserving of our love.

They are so cute 

Like seriously, can they get any cuter?

The fluff 

The fluffier the prettier. But they are also more likely to have hairballs.

They play with other cats

You may think they are killing each other, but that's' just how cats show cat love to each other.

Cat superior, human inferior

Who hasn't had a cat climb them like a tree before, especially when they are kittens. They just wanna play with their human.

They jump at the littlest things

Kitty cats are easily spooked, and it's hilarious.

Cats are beautiful, wonderful, majestic creatures who are too precious for this world and we do not deserve them.

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