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You know those people you catch yourself behind sometimes at the traffic light, the people you catch yourself laughing at because they have magnets and stickers claiming that they're the happiest dog mom, dad, grandma or grandpa in the world. Well. I may not have those stickers on my car about my cat (because let's be real, they don't make those stickers for cats) but I am most definitely a cat mom and it took me till today to actually realize that.

So picture this, I work in a Child Care Center taking care of infants and toddlers all day, with majority of my co-workers being mothers. They're all sitting there talking about how much their babies have grown since this time last year and sharing the transformation photos from the past 12 months. Then here I am, 22 year old me, I open up my phone and go into my photos and start looking at photos of nothing other than my-not so little anymore-kittens. Thinking, "awe my babies were so little. They don't even look like that on their cat tree anymore." Like what the heck is wrong about me? Oh well, this is supposed to be a listicle and not me ranting on about my kittens growing up. So here it is, you know you're a cat parent if:

1. You look forward to going home and being with your cat no matter where you are.

2. Most of the time you would probably rather be at home with said cat instead of doing whatever you are wherever you are.

3. Almost any trip out to the store involves you leaving with something for your kitty.

And now you're house looks like a toy store for cats.
4. You feed your kitty when you're eating dinner.

But this is partially because they'll be begging for yours. And they're only begging for yours, because you fed them mashed potatoes once and now they're hooked!
5. Nothing makes you happier than hearing them purr.

6. No matter how much trouble they cause, they're still so cute to you.

7. They're the background on your phone.

8. You would throw a birthday party for your kitty.

9. Your camera roll consists mostly of photos and videos of your kitties.

10. You're willing to spend a small fortune to make sure that they're healthy.

Which leads me to the last point on this list...

11. You do all of this because they're not just cats to you, they're your fur babies.
And babies turn into children which mean your cats are your children, thus making you a parent.
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