Let me just start this with the fact that, I really love my cat and this is honestly just an article dedicated to her. I'm not even ashamed, if you see the picture of her you can understand why she is my sweet angel child.

I got my cat, Kali, during October of last year. Just a couple weeks shy of a full six months with my girlie, and it has completely changed my entire life.

I wasn't sure at first if I was even going to take in this tiny cat who needed a home and so much more than I could probably give, plus my apartment complex at the time did not accept animals. But being the inevitable rule breaker I am, I brought the tiny bean home with me.

I was at a work meeting with my friend, and there was this sweet, tiny, scrappy looking kitten in the office. I was so surprised because I had never seen anyone bring even their dog into the office so I knew the cat was a stretch, but my boss had explained that one of her friends found the cat hiding in a tree.

I kept playing with her casually as we went about the meeting, keeping an eye on where she went and what she was doing. Eventually, she got into my boss' Chinese food and that's when the meeting abruptly ended and I decided why not go ahead and take this squirmy little feline home with me for the night, despite not even knowing what she was gonna be like or if she was clean.

Which she wasn't, I blame the tree. She desperately needed a bath, and she was starving. I went into the store with intentions of getting this cat enough food 'till the next day, then I would text my friend, Kate, who has a farm and this little kitty could go there. But after I gave her that first initial bath, she snuggled right into my lap.

I began to cry because it just felt so nice to have affection from a little furry nugget again.

I'm almost positive I began begging my mom for a dog directly when I came out of the womb. When I was around five, my mom finally convinced our landlord to let me get a dog. Sixteen years later, and we have always had a dog in the house. So moving out for me was really difficult because I was not only leaving behind my family of real humans but my furry family was gone, too.

Freshman year it was easy to replace that pain with the lingering pain of a hangover from too much grape juice mixed with Malibu, (disgusting) and that changed into wine my sophomore year.

I didn't want to become an alcoholic but I was definitely filling a void, I even got a fish during my sophomore year. Her name was Hydra and she was great, but I know now it isn't comparable whatsoever.

The feeling of being able to have my cat climb into my lap, and purr at me with happiness is one of the best feelings. To know I have the complete trust of an animal who was literally stuck in a tree with no home, it is a feeling that I am so grateful for.

I know in my heart that it is one of the best things for me, to be able to love this little kitten and see her grow every day into a mature adult cat, it gives me so much hope and positive feelings.

I think being a pet owner taught me to truly be more responsible because I needed to know how to properly care for Kali in order for her to survive.

When she went into the vet to get spayed, they actually found out that she had a dire kidney infection and that if it had been left any longer it would have continued to spread and eventually caused my cat to pass away.

Which, honestly... seems pretty fair since she was a feral cat until the 23rd of October, but, I still was so incredibly blessed that the amazing team at the vet caught the infection when they did.

Because I don't know what I would do without waking up to my cat meowing at me for food at seven in the morning, only to eat a couple of bites and decide that it is time to cuddle.

Or, how I could ever even walk through my front door without hearing her sweet meow loud and proud from somewhere in the living room. She has completely changed my world for the better and I could not be happier.