Carrie Underwood's 'Love Wins' Is The Exact Message This World Needs Right Now

Carrie Underwood's 'Love Wins' Is The Exact Message This World Needs Right Now

"In the end, love wins."


Carrie Underwood is one of the most talented female artists in the country genre right now, possibly ever. She has a beautiful voice, and she has never written a song that's disappointed me.

However, she's always been one of those classic artists who doesn't stand out much in terms of day-to-day listening. Her songs are great, but they're all a little generic for a female country singer. "Jesus Take The Wheel" is a testament to Christian themes we see in a lot of country music, "Before He Cheats" is your standard getting-back-at-your-cheating-ex anthem, "Remind Me" is a love song duet done with another country icon. Pretty standard stuff.

Until now.

This year, Carrie released a new album titled "Cry Pretty," featuring a song called "Love Wins." The beginning of the song sounds a lot like "Blown Away," so that's the song I was expecting to hear when it came on the radio. What I did hear was something much more profound, with one of the most moving messages I've heard from a country singer in a very long time.

Carrie Underwood begins singing about a boy who was shot and killed, "just another story on the evening news." "Politics and prejudice." It isn't until the chorus rolls around that we realize what she's addressing.

Carrie Underwood is using her platform as an influential country artist to denounce the hate and prejudice LGBT+ and other minorities encounter in their everyday lives.

Why is this so significant, you may ask?

Think for a second about the stereotypical country music audience. Usually Republican, usually white. I don't want to denounce all country music fans with this generalization, but for ease of explanation, let's stick with the stereotype. Country music's fanbase is infamously racist and homophobic. AGAIN, NOT ALL OF THEM; there are a lot who aren't, I'm just sticking with the stereotype for simplicity's sake. Anyway, for an artist of a genre with this sort of reputation, it is a HUGE deal that she went out on a limb and voiced a very progressive opinion in a typically very narrow-minded community.

This beautiful, powerful, influential woman is lamenting how we've let politics, race, sexuality, religion, etc., ALL of the things that make our country wonderfully diverse, become fuel for hatred of our brothers and sisters.

As humans, we are all different.

I do not care what color your skin is. I do not care who you love and have relationships with. I do not care about your religion, your gender, your nationality. Everyone is entitled to a life full of love and happiness. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions, but NO ONE is entitled to become toxic to those around them.

The fact that a country singer of Carrie's reach and power has released a song stating she, too, believes that love wins is so critical in today's social climate. There is so much division between Democrats and Republicans. There is still so much racism and hatred. There is still so much discrimination against people who are anything but straight. It's all become about picking sides and doing anything possible to ensure YOUR side wins, even if it means degrading others.

Listen to Carrie's message. The only thing stronger than hatred is love. Love will always win.

You can keep your hate, your prejudice, and your narrow-minded discrimination to yourself. This is 2018. It's time to mind your own business and let others live their lives in ways that will make them happy.

You don't have to agree with someone else's lifestyle, but you do have to let them live peacefully. Treat others with kindness before anything else. That is the message that Carrie Underwood tried to convey with this powerful piece of music.

To be strong and to thrive, we need to join together. We need to stop hurting one another. Love wins. Always.

Listen to "Love Wins" and the rest of "Cry Pretty" on Apple Music now!

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10 Reasons Why Tom Holland Is The Definition Of Total Boyfriend Material

He's the adorable British dork of our dreams.


Tom Holland first stormed onto the scene as Spiderman in "Captain America: Civil War" in 2016, and we all loved his performance in the movie. However, now that time has gone on, there's another reason he's stolen all of our hearts: He's one hundred percent boyfriend material! He's absolutely adorable, is a complete dork without ever meaning to, and he loves all dogs. There are so many reasons Tom Holland is perfect boyfriend material, but here are ten of the most important reasons.

1. Let's start with the obvious: He's Spiderman.

What girl wouldn't want to date a superhero? Spiderman is one of the best superheroes ever so it would be amazing to date the actor who plays him. Also, if you didn't cry during Tom Holland's final performance in "Infinity War", you're lying.

2. He loves dogs.

Not only does he have a cute pit bull named Tessa, but he also seems to make friends with every dog he meets. It would be so wonderful to play with dogs with him!

3. He's always down for adventures.

One of the best parts of dating someone is getting to try new things and go on adventures with them. Since Tom travels the world all the time to promote his movies, you and he could maybe take time every now and then to try something new, like surfing!

4. He's that adorable British boyfriend you've always dreamt of.

Yes, celebrities like Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch have a more "suave Brit" personality about them, but Tom Holland is the "adorable Brit" every girl has ever dreamt of dating. He's pretty much cornered the market at this point.

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That is one classy outfit right there. And the muscles are a great bonus.

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Breaking News: Local Boy is a Literal Angel. He is the Brightest Ray of Sunshine.

So ladies, if you're looking for the perfect boyfriend, look no further than Tom Holland.

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Looking Back At My Past

When I moved out of my dad's house at 18, I learned several life lessons the hard way. It was an uphill battle to figure out "adulting." I hope this will give some people the ability to learn certain things without going down the hard path.


Life has a way of teaching lessons when you are overwhelmed. The more you are exposed to, the easier it is to learn these lessons. This article goes into what I wish I knew when I first got onto my own. There were many struggles, hardships and tough times you go through when you start your walk of life alone. But with it comes victories, and the knowledge of being able to get through anything. I hope when people read this article they will see what I put as a priority to learn when you become independent.

1. Money!

Learn how to budget! Learn how you're bank works, learn about taxes. Yes these seem like boring subjects, but money, or the lack thereof, can and will make your life miserable. This is something that many adults have trouble with, and it will put stress onto you. Just taking an afternoon to learn about what you need to do for your money needs will reduce stress.

2. Make at least one friend at the place you live.

The first apartment complex I lived at, I met a (I think) 45-50 year old man. I will not actually say his name but for this purpose his name is "Tim". Tim had lived in that complex for about 20 years, and he knew the staff and the residents. If I needed help or someone to talk to. He was more of a father figure than a creepy old guy. I was new to the town, living by myself, in the middle ground between a couple of in-town gangs. I needed all the help I could get, and when you have a connection it helps.

3. Know the differences between needs and wants.

Figure out your needs: food, rent, utilities. This type of thing ties into money and time. Do not invest too much time in people that are not good for you. Invest your time in your interests, hobbies, things that make you content. When you put your time in someone who at the end isn't worth it, it will occupy your mind months after they are gone.

4. Stay in contact with your family. 

My family is pretty distant to each other. We could probably go a year without talking and it wouldn't bug me. My mom and I have gotten close recently. Generally the 'after high school' years. My mom has helped me through hard times, she has leaded me an ear, or some tough advice. Yes we've had our hard times, but there are many things that I have learned from her. I understand that once you get out on your own, it is easy to stop talking to them; especially if you had a rough time growing up. A story for another time, but if you can stay in contact even if it's as little as a text from now and then. Family is something that is hard to replace once they are gone.

5. The way life teaches lessons. 

Life will teach lessons easy at first, then they will get harder to learn as we get older. An example of this is keeping your room clean as a child, then when you have an apartment. There is more cleaning to do. If you add kids and a house to that, it's even harder. My mom has an odd way of explaining this lesson. "It's like getting hit with a 2x4." The lesson first hits you, and it's small like a golf ball. Then the baseball hits you if you didn't learn before. Before you know it you get hit by a 2x4 and the lesson will hurt in someway. So please learn it before you get hit with a 2x4.

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